AI can crack your passwords. Here’s how Keeper can help.

As AI becomes more advanced, it’s important to consider all the ways AI can be used maliciously by cybercriminals, especially when it comes to cracking passwords. While AI password-cracking techniques...

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As you probably noticed, Apple’s recent release of the iPhone 5s has met with mixed reviews, and even some debate. Whatever your opinion of the device, there is one new feature on it that is unquestionably controversial: the fingerprint scanner. That’s right: once the fantasy of 1950’s sci-fi, fingerprint readers have arrived in the mainstream.

The Future of Passwords

If you, or your organization, need access to high-value or sensitive accounts and records (like banks, emails, customer data, and more) you may be thinking about adding an extra layer of security to supplement usernames and passwords. Time-Based One-Time Password (TOTP) codes are a form of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) that add an important second layer

Two-Factor Authentication

For obvious reasons, we here at Keeper write a fair amount about the dangers of hacking. “Hackers,” as we describe them, are criminals: people who use flaws in security to illegally get hold of users’ personal information and–often–use it for purposes of theft. Manipulating a system to steal someone’s money or entire identity is wrong,

Hacking for Good, Not Evil

by Darren Guccione, CEO & Co-Founder One of the latest buzz phrases to hit the SMB and Enterprise space is BYOD:  Bring Your Own Device.  This term wasn’t invented out of creativity – it was a result of addressing a major dilemma that CIO’s, CTO’s and Sys Admins began facing with the convergence of “unauthorized”

BYOD: The Security Dilemma

Passwords are and have always been the most popular user authentication method; they are used to log into computers, mobile devices, networks and operating systems. In essence, they are a part of what we do every day. The requirements have changed over time. Today, most systems demand a lengthy string of characters, frequently containing numbers,

Which Is More Important: Password Complexity, Or Length?

If you haven’t noticed, the past few months have brought a great deal of change and growth for Keeper, and we want to make sure our Keepies are in the loop. So, what’s new with us? The new Keeper for Mac. We’ve been improving upon our desktop app for all operating systems, and now our

Welcome To Keeper 5.0

Did you get our email? This weekend, Keeper co-founders Darren Guccione  and Craig Lurey sent a message out to all our subscribers. In it, they introduce our awesome new features, Sharing and Browser Extensions, and thank our customers for their support and feedback over the years. The email also included links to support videos for

A Message From Our Founders: Thank You!

As we announced last week, the newest Keeper feature for paid subscribers is now live. Our last post tells you everything you need to know to get started. So, now that you’ve learned how to use Sharing, what are you going to use it for? Here are a few ways that we think Sharing can

Sharing is Caring

Attention Keeper Backup users: your subscription just got even cooler. We are pleased to announce that Sharing has gone live for all paid subscribers. So what is Sharing? This brand new feature allows you to share individual records with any other paid users. Like all Keeper features, Sharing is simple and secure. Now, when you

Introducing Keeper Sharing!

As of yesterday, anti-spam website Spamhaus reported that they were being targeted with a tidal wave of meaningless traffic and data. In fact, their servers were the target of the largest surge of junk content ever directed in one attack. Exactly how large was it? To put it in perspective, similar attacks tend not to

The Largest Cyber Attack… Ever

Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter, is a hacker. In an interview of 60 Minutes he openly distinguished between “criminal” hacking and hacking that is used to exposed a network’s or website’s security flaws. The first, he confirms, is most certainly a crime, generally involving the accessing and exploitation of a victim’s information without permission. His

The Debate Over “Ethical Hacking”

As we announced last week, the new Keeper for Android is now available. And according to a new security report from Blue Coat Systems, you really need it. Long story short: because of the many available third-party Android app stores, cyber-criminals are able to more easily distribute malware-infected apps to Android devices. Users unwittingly downloading

Android Users: We’ve Got Your Back

Android users, rejoice! The newest version of Keeper is now available for devices running Android version 2.2 and higher. What’s do you get with your free update? Dependable password management that is now more beautiful, much faster, and generally just way better. Keeper for Android version 2.1 offers: Improved design Increased speed and performance Optimization

UPDATE: The New Keeper for Android is Here!

As a Valentine’s Day gift to all its users, Facebook announced yesterday that it has been the target of a sophisticated hack…. for over a month. Apparently a number of Facebook employees visited a compromised website, which attacked their computers with malware. However, according to Facebook’s post about the breach, no user data was compromised.

One Month Later, Facebook Discloses Hack

Happy New Year, Keepees! Welcome to the future. January should be a month of fresh starts and optimism, but sometimes making resolutions can feel like more of a burden than anything else. The pressure to be better can take all the fun out of the New Year. Luckily, there’s one area of your life that

Three New Year's Resolutions Anyone Can (And Should) Keep

December is Identity Theft Prevention and Awareness month. Amidst all the bells-a-ringing and people singing that also come around this time of year, it can be easy to ignore the more sober reality of this important topic. Are You Aware? A great place to start on the “awareness” side of all this is with Norton

The Truth About Cybercrime Today

It’s that time of year again! Holiday shopping time. If you’ve ever bought anything online, you know that credit card information, banking passwords and PayPal login data are like little digital children: they can be hard to keep track of, they need protection, and they’re each special in their own unique way. Whether you’re someone

Shopping Online This Holiday?

As of today, internet in Syria is reported at least partially restored, according to tech blog CloudFlare. The blackout began on Thursday, Novemeber 29, with a sudden shutdown of all traffic from Syria to the rest of the internet. In addition, some cellphone connections were reported shut off. While connectivity may have been repaired, the

A Day Without Internet

As if you needed another reason to upgrade. Today marks the launch of our brand new Web App! Introducing Keeper Web App, the newest Keeper product for annual subscribers. Now you can access your data anywhere, anytime, from any device. Simply click My Vault Login on keepersecurity.com, enter your email address and master password, and

Now Live: The Brand New Keeper Web App!

At least 50 universities from around the world were hacked recently.  About 120,000 records of names, user names, passwords, phone numbers and addresses of students and faculty were prey.  Harvard, Cornell, Stanford and Princeton were four universities that were included in the security breach.   The group known as Ghostshell posted the information to a

Hundreds of Thousands of Private University Records Fall Prey to Hacking

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