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Protect Your Online Identity With Dark Web Monitoring.

Get alerted instantly when your passwords are found on the dark web with BreachWatch®.

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BreachWatch can also protect your company from credential stuffing and account takeover attacks.

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What is BreachWatch and What Can it Do?

BreachWatch is a powerful, secure add-on to Keeper Security’s subscription. It monitors and scans the dark web for breached account credentials that match records stored in your Keeper Vault.

BreachWatch constantly monitors a database of over a billion compromised passwords while upholding Keepers' zero-knowledge security architecture.

What is BreachWatch and What Can it Do?
Cybersecurity starts with password security.


BreachWatch scans the passwords in your Keeper Vault, without exposing them, and analyzes them against a database with billions of credentials.


BreachWatch alerts you in real-time when stolen passwords match ones stored in your Keeper Vault so you can take immediate action.


BreachWatch lists each high-risk record and helps you change your passwords. When a breached password has been changed to a strong, unique alternative and updated in your vault, the password will no longer show as high-risk.


BreachWatch performs constant, unlimited dark web scans of your Keeper Vault to keep your online identity protected.

Benefits of Dark Web Monitoring and Protection

Protects You from Cybercriminals

Protects you from cybercriminals

Dark web monitoring helps you stay one step ahead of cybercriminals by notifying you to take action before they have the chance to use your account information.

Helps you identify and respond to breaches sooner

Helps you identify and respond to breaches sooner

Some companies do not report breaches until months after they’ve occurred. With dark web monitoring, you’ll be alerted as soon as your accounts are at risk.

Gives You Peace of Mind

Gives you peace of mind

Some companies do not report breaches until months after they’ve occurred. With dark web monitoring, you’ll be alerted as soon as your accounts are at risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does dark web monitoring work?

Dark web monitoring services work by scanning and monitoring the dark web in search of stolen information that can be used by cybercriminals to steal your identity, money or other private information. If any passwords are found, the dark web monitoring service will alert you.

What is a dark web alert?

A dark web alert is a notification you receive when your passwords or other personal information has been found on the dark web. The only way to receive a dark web alert is by subscribing to a dark web monitoring service.

Is BreachWatch free?

The dark web monitoring service, BreachWatch, is not free. BreachWatch can be added as a feature to any Keeper subscription. Once added to your subscription, BreachWatch will continuously scan the dark web to find any known stolen credentials that match the ones stored in your Keeper Vault and will alert you immediately. From there, you can quickly take action to easily change all of your compromised login credentials.

Keeper also offers a free dark web scan tool where you can manually check your email to see if your information is found on the dark web.

How is BreachWatch different from similar services?

Unlike other dark web monitoring services, BreachWatch uses a zero-knowledge architecture with multiple layers of encryption – meaning customer information is always protected. Other vendors may send email addresses and hashed passwords to third parties to analyze dark web results. For example, 1Password sends customer-hashed passwords to the 3rd party service “Have I Been Pwned,” placing full trust into a single-person operation.

Keeper analyzes dark web results by leveraging a patented method that ensures no one knows what websites you use or are able to see your passwords – protecting your information from disclosure.

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