Keeper Enterprise Now Supports Automated User Provisioning with Google G Suite and SCIM

Keeper Enterprise Now Supports Automated User Provisioning with Google G Suite and SCIM

Keeper Enterprise is the first enterprise password manager (EPM) available as a pre-configured SAML 2.0 service provider application with automated user provisioning in G Suite. Keeper’s proprietary application, Keeper SSO ConnectTM, strengthens Single Sign-On solutions with powerful encryption and bolsters SSO functionality with ubiquitous vault capabilities. More specifically, Keeper SSO Connect provides traditional SSO solutions, that are limited to SAML-compliant cloud-based authentication, with expanded functionality for secure access to native applications, all cloud-based applications (including the millions of websites and cloud-based apps which are not SAML compliant), metadata and media files.

Keeper Enterprise is now available in G Suite with automated user provisioning using the SCIM (System for Cross-Domain Identity Management) protocol. SCIM is an open standard that enables automated user provisioning between identity providers (like G Suite) and service providers (like Keeper).

Companies utilizing G Suite for their identity services can easily deploy Keeper’s EPM solution to their users without the need to manually provision. When auto-provisioning for Keeper Enterprise is enabled in G Suite, any users created, modified or deleted in G Suite are automatically added, edited or deleted in Keeper.

In addition to provisioning and deprovisioning users, Keeper Enterprise provides zero-knowledge, SAML 2.0 compliant authentication with G Suite for seamless and frictionless access.

Integration of Keeper Enterprise into G Suite enables organizations of any size to secure their passwords and confidential information (e.g. metadata and media files) within an encrypted vault. By including Keeper Enterprise in their SSO implementation, organizations fill critical security and functionality gaps that are essential from a cybersecurity perspective which includes:

  • Protects and generates strong passwords for any non-SAML application or website
  • Implements zero-knowledge security architecture with full end-to-end encryption
  • Stores SSH keys, digital certificates and any other confidential information
  • Enforces password compliance and policy-based access controls across the entire organization – i.e. all employees on all their devices for every website, application and system
  • Manages shared passwords for financial, business, social media or any other critical service

User encryption keys are generated dynamically by Keeper SSO Connect, encrypted and stored locally on the installed server, providing the customer with full control over the encryption keys that are used to encrypt and decrypt their digital vaults.

Keeper is available for all G Suite Education, Business and Enterprise customers.

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