AI can crack your passwords. Here’s how Keeper can help.

As AI becomes more advanced, it’s important to consider all the ways AI can be used maliciously by cybercriminals, especially when it comes to cracking passwords. While AI password-cracking techniques...

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The cybersecurity industry has seen radical changes over the past year–changes that may alter the trajectory of the industry.  In partnership with analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), today Keeper announces Information Security and Compliance Future Trends 2024, a report that analyzes recent research and industry data to highlight key shifts in the cybersecurity industry

Enterprise Management Associates Report: Information Security and Compliance Future Trends 2024 

Keeper Security has once again clinched the prestigious title of “Test Winner” in a group test of leading password managers conducted by CHIP Magazine, a renowned consumer technology publication in Germany. This marks the second consecutive year Keeper has secured this esteemed recognition, following its victory in the 2023 review. In the latest issue of

Keeper Secures Repeat Win in CHIP Password Manager Test

Keeper Security is excited to announce an updated User Interface (UI) for its browser extension across all supported browsers. The refreshed UI features a modernized design, and simplifies the process of finding and creating records for users. The new browser extension updates continue the recent UI enhancements to Keeper’s end-user vault and Admin Console. Featured

Keeper Refreshes Browser Extension for Increased Usability

If you’ve been scammed, there are different actions you should take based on what you were scammed into doing. For example, if you accidentally paid a scammer, you should contact your bank immediately. If you gave a scammer your login credentials, you should update your passwords and enable MFA immediately. If a scammer hacked your

What To Do if You’ve Been Scammed

When you create an account, you may be prompted to set up a security question for authentication. Security questions add a layer of security alongside your login credentials. Following best practices for security questions involves using different questions for different accounts, avoiding self-written questions, using multiple security questions and updating security questions and answers regularly. 

Security Question and Answer Best Practices

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are used by businesses to secure remote access to systems and encrypt employees’ internet traffic. However, while VPNs add some level of protection for distributed workforces, they aren’t enough to keep your business and employees safe from common cyber threats since they make internal tracking of users complex, lack adequate protection

The Best VPN Alternative for Businesses

Cybercriminals gather personal information about their targets by using social engineering techniques, looking at social media accounts and collecting data that gets leaked from public data breaches. The more personal information a cybercriminal can collect about their target, the easier it is for them to launch cyber attacks that their targets will easily fall for. 

How Do Cybercriminals Gather Personal Information About Their Targets?

When we think about storing sensitive information, two types of information come to mind: digital data and physical data. While physical data can be securely stored in a physical vault, digital data should be stored in an encrypted cloud storage solution to protect it from common cyber threats.  Continue reading to learn the best ways

How Should Sensitive Information Be Stored?

The European Union (EU) Network and Information Systems (NIS) Directive came into force in 2018 to increase the security levels of network and information systems for EU organisations. This directive was recently updated to become the NIS2 Directive and is set to become law across the EU in October 2024. NIS2 raises the bar on

Is Your Organisation Ready for NIS2?

When thinking about which industries get targeted most often in ransomware attacks, many people think that large healthcare and financial institutions would be at the top of the list.  Most people don’t associate cyber attacks with K-12 schools. However, a recent cybersecurity report noted that lower education, or K-12 schools, is the single most targeted

Rising Threats: Navigating the Surge of Cybersecurity Challenges in K-12 Schools

Human errors in cybersecurity can result in cyber attacks that lead to data breaches, financial losses and irreparable impacts to businesses. Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report found that more than 68% of data breaches were caused by human error. Human factors that can contribute to a breach include using weak passwords, reusing the same passwords

How To Prevent Human Error in Cybersecurity

Password fatigue is the exhausting feeling individuals experience due to the excessive number of passwords they need to memorize. People need to remember their passwords to access applications and networks that hold their sensitive information. However, constantly resetting and remembering passwords can burden them, resorting to insecure practices such as saving passwords in a spreadsheet. 

How To Prevent Password Fatigue

A ticket in cybersecurity is a set of credentials used to authenticate users. A silver ticket is a forged ticket an unauthorized user creates. With this forged silver ticket, threat actors can launch a cyber attack that involves exploiting the weaknesses of a Kerberos authentication system. In this system, a Ticket Granting Service (TGS) serves

What Is a Silver Ticket Attack?

Keeper is excited to announce a new multi-year partnership with Williams Racing, uniting two organizations driven by innovation, cutting-edge technology, excellence and high-speed performance. In a sport where milliseconds can determine victory, protecting sensitive data is paramount. Williams Racing understands this necessity, making the partnership with Keeper Security a natural fit.  Driving innovation on and

Keeper Security Forges Cybersecurity Partnership With Williams Racing

Using Keeper Password Manager can prevent you from getting hacked. It also secures your most important data and takes the pain away from remembering multiple passwords. Continue reading to learn more about Keeper Password Manager and the benefits it offers for personal and business use. What is Keeper Password Manager? Keeper Password Manager is a

The Benefits of Using Keeper as Your Password Manager

Zero Standing Privileges (ZSP) is a Privileged Access Management (PAM) strategy in which organizations limit access to sensitive data by removing all permanent user access. It requires users to request specific access to resources needed to complete a task. However, instead of granting users continuous access, ZSP will grant them temporary access until the task

What Are Zero Standing Privileges?

Credential theft is one of the most common methods used by cybercriminals to gain unauthorized access to an organization, according to Verizon’s 2023 Data Breach Investigations Report. Credential theft places organizations at a greater risk of data breaches, so steps must be taken to prevent it. To prevent credential theft, organizations should encourage the use

How Organizations Can Prevent Credential Theft

Cybercriminals use a variety of cyber attacks to steal your sensitive information. However, a password manager can help prevent you from falling victim to them. Password managers protect your sensitive information from being stolen by unauthorized users by ensuring that your passwords are strong and unique. They also protect your sensitive information from getting stolen

How Password Managers Protect You From Cyber Attacks

Security posture refers to the overall strength of an organization’s cybersecurity. It measures how an organization’s mechanisms, policies, procedures and operations respond to and defend against cyber threats. Continue reading to learn more about security posture, why your organization’s security posture is important, how to assess it and how to improve it. Why your organization’s

What Is Security Posture?

All of your accounts, including your HubSpot account, are at risk of being hacked if they’re not properly secured. A password manager can help protect your HubSpot account by aiding you in creating strong passwords and passphrases, generating and storing 2FA codes, helping you identify fake websites and sending you dark web alerts.  What is

How To Protect Your HubSpot Account With a Password Manager

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