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Zero-Knowledge Architecture

Keeper is built with a proprietary zero-knowledge security architecture, meaning all encryption and decryption is done locally on the user’s device. Each record is encrypted using AES-256 with a different and unique key that is randomly generated, client-side.

1Password only encrypts at the vault level and does not encrypt every record.

Better Multi-Platform Support

Keeper works on all major operating systems and is available on all end users’ devices. 1Password was built primarily for Apple’s operating systems, and it lags Keeper in terms of cross-platform support.

Most notably, 1Password does not support Internet Explorer, which represents a major gap in business and enterprise deployments.

Better Sharing Capabilities

1Password requires a user to create separate vaults for sharing different sets of passwords. Passwords are decoupled and spread across many vaults, which makes them difficult to effectively manage.

Keeper provides shareable folders and records within a single vault to allow for easy, effective sharing and management.

Better Organization and Sharing Capabilities
More Advanced Control Settings

More Advanced Control Settings

Keeper provides a powerful and flexible way to manage credentials and files in the form of encrypted records. These records can be organized naturally into a set of folders and subfolders.

Individual records and/or a folder can be shared with a variety of permissions set by the owner. This arrangement is more manageable and scalable than scattering critical data amongst multiple vaults.

Market-Leading Security Infrastructure and Policies

Keeper has the longest standing SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001 and TRUSTe certification in the industry. Keeper’s ISMS will ensure that strict security controls are in place to protect customer data and ensure secure operation of products and services.

1Password has not exhibited the same rigor to security practices. It obtained SOC 2 Type 2 certification more than four years after Keeper, and it has still yet to obtain ISO 27001 certification.

Market-Leading Security Infrastructure and Policies

Better Customer Service and Support

Keeper knows your questions matter and gives you the option to speak to a live person over the phone. Keeper also offers product training and onboarding with your subscription.

1Password business customers who switched to Keeper are astonished at the fact that Keeper provides a phone number to assist users. 1Password also asks their own users to request technical support via Twitter or a public message forum.

Much More for Much Less

Keeper Enterprise leads the market in capabilities and functionality while maintaining a lower price than 1Password Business.

Base Product
$96*per user/year *zzgl MwSt
Multi-Platform Access
Activity Log
AD Provisioning
Business and Personal Vault Linking
Record Sharing
Shared Folders
Vault Transfer
Role-Based Enforcement Policies
Seamless SSO Integration Without Master Password
Record History
Secure Add-Ons
Secure File Storage
Dark Web Monitoring
Encrypted Messaging
Advanced Reporting and Alerts with SIEM Integration

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