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Robust Role-Based Enforcement Policies

Keeper supports nodes and organizational units that accommodate any-sized organization across all major industries. The Keeper Administrator can structure password management policies by role, team and organizational unit. Thus, different divisions, branches, brands and office locations of an organization can all be protected with Keeper, while having different access rights, permissions and policies for enforcing secure password management across the company.

Dashlane does not support role-based enforcement policies or delegated administration.

Robust Role-Based Enforcement Policies

Detailed Monitoring, Auditing and Reporting Options

Keeper offers extensive reporting on password behavior. In addition to providing aggregate security audits, Keeper also provides event logging for over 75 event types, event-based alerts and allows for the capability to log events to an external system.

Dashlane is limited in its reporting and monitoring tools, offering only user activation status, company audit score and usage activity for administrators. There is no password event data logging.

Better Organization and Sharing Capabilities

Keeper provides granular organization and taxonomy of encrypted records. It utilizes folders and subfolders for securely storing and organizing credentials, metadata and files. Users can then share individual records, folders and subfolders.

Dashlane does not support shared or customized folders for organization.

Better Organization and Sharing Capabilities

Tools for IT Admins and Developers

Keeper provides a powerful tool for developers and IT admins to automate and integrate password management, provision users, rotate passwords and more all from the command line.

Dashlane does not offer any developer tooling or command line integration.

Market-Leading Security Infrastructure and Policies

Keeper has the longest standing SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001 and TRUSTe certification in the industry. Keeper’s ISMS will ensure that strict security controls are in place to protect customer data and ensure secure operation of the products and services.

Dashlane has not exhibited the same rigor to security practices. It has yet to obtain SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 certifications.

Better Customer Service and Support

Keeper customers who switched from Dashlane have commented on Dashlane’s lack of human interaction when requesting technical assistance. Keeper knows your questions matter and gives you the option to speak to a live person over the phone. Keeper also offers product training and onboarding with your subscription.

Fully-Featured Desktop Application

Our desktop application can be deployed to your company’s end-users, and it enables fast and secure access to their Keeper Vaults. Used in conjunction with Keeper Desktop, KeeperFill for Apps also provides a simple login solution for native applications.

Dashlane is discontinuing support for their desktop applications.

Better Security and Better Features

Keeper Enterprise leads the market in capabilities and functionality

Base Product
Admin Console
Active Directory Integration
Two-Factor Codes in Record
Record History
Sharing Records
Business & Personal Vault Linking
Record level Encryption
Role-Based Policies
Delegated Admin
Shared Folders
DUO and RSA SecurID
Developer API
SCIM Integration
Vault Transfer
Seamless SSO Integration Without Master Password
Secure Add-Ons
Secure File Storage
Dark Web Monitoring
Encrypted Messaging
Advanced Reporting and Alerts with SIEM Integration

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