Enhance and Extend Your SSO Solution with Keeper SSO Connect® in the Cloud or On-Premise*

Keeper SSO Connect® is a SAML 2.0 service that seamlessly and quickly integrates with your existing SSO solution - enhancing and extending it with zero-knowledge password management and encryption.

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*Included with Keeper Enterprise

Keeper SSO Connect® Closes SSO Security Gaps

Thousands of applications and services do not support SSO. What if your IdP uses the SAML protocol, but your employees need to access OAuth or legacy applications that don’t support SAML? Employees must keep track of those passwords on their own thereby leaving your company vulnerable to data breaches. Keeper SSO Connect® provides secure authentication and end-to-end encryption across all of your websites, systems and applications.

Keeper SSO Connect<sup>®</sup> Closes SSO Security Gaps

Keeper + SSO = 100% Coverage

If your organization already uses an SSO solution or is thinking of implementing one, you should pair it with Keeper because SSO by itself has major functional and security gaps.

Use Case
Keeper Enterprise
SSO Identity Provider
Password-Based Apps
Shared Passwords & Secrets
Encrypted Data Storage
Social Media Sites
Native Apps
Offline Access
SSH Keys & SSL Certs
API Credentials
Encrypted Private Files
Zero-Knowledge Encryption
SAML-Based Apps
via Keeper
SSO Connect®

End-to-End Password Protection Across Your Data Environment

Simply by authenticating through your existing IdP, your employees gain access to all of the capabilities of the top-rated Keeper password management platform, including:

  • Secure digital vault that can be accessed from any device, running any OS
  • Automatic password generation & autofill on all devices
  • Works on any system, browser or app
  • Proprietary zero-knowledge encryption

Works With All Identity Providers

Some password managers either don’t support SSO at all, or don't support zero-knowledge encryption. Keeper SSO Connect®, included with Keeper Enterprise, seamlessly integrates with all popular SSO IdP platforms including Office365, Azure, ADFS, Okta, Ping, JumpCloud, Centrify, OneLogin and F5 BIG-IP APM.

G Suite
Amazon Web Services
Ping Identity
IBM Security

Rapidly Deploy Across Any Environment

  • Provision users for either SSO or Master Password authentication
  • Enable offline vault access when SSO is not available
  • Automatically provision vaults, teams and roles through SCIM
  • Supports Just-In-Time provisioning
  • Supports cloud, on-prem and hybrid environments
  • Install and deploy in just minutes

Monitor & Enforce Company Security Policies

  • Enforce the use of strong, unique passwords, two-factor authentication (2FA) and other password policies
  • Apply role-based access policies (RBAC) such as IP Allow lists
  • Provision secure shared folders, subfolders and passwords for teams
  • Enforce compliance standards such as HIPAA, DPA, FINRA and GDPR

Keeper SSO Connect® Cloud

Keeper SSO Connect® Cloud leverages Keeper’s zero-knowledge security architecture to authenticate users into their Keeper Vault and dynamically provision user vaults.

Keeper SSO Connect<sup>®</sup> Cloud


For more detailed technical documentation, view the Keeper SSO Connect® Cloud Guide.

Keeper SSO Connect® On-Prem

Keeper SSO Connect® provides seamless integration with your SAML 2.0 identity provider in a Zero-Knowledge security architecture.

Keeper SSO Connect<sup>®</sup> Cloud


For more detailed technical documentation, view the Keeper SSO Connect® On-Prem Guide.

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