Keeper Adds Advanced Reporting & Alerts Module for Business & Enterprise Customers

Keeper Adds Advanced Reporting & Alerts Module for Business & Enterprise Customers

This week Keeper released its new Advanced Reporting & Alerts (ARA) module that is guaranteed to transform the way you (the administrator) monitors all security related events. If you’re managing a very large user population you’ll be able to glean more focused summary trend data and configure alerts of risky behaviors. These new features maintain the strict zero-knowledge architecture that Keeper is known for.

The ARA module includes the following new features:

Event Timeline

  • Displays top events (those with highest event counts) during the period
  • Period selectable between Last 30 Days, 7 Days, or 24 Hours
  • Shows % of total for each event
  • Customizable to show different events (other than Top 5)
  • Mouse overs to show each date

Customizable Reports

    • Create customized reports about what’s important to your company. Simplify your reporting to fit YOUR needs.
      • Basic report for Recent Activity includes all events
      • Advanced allows customizing and saving
      • Wide variety of events types & attributes to focus views
      • Customizable column headings
      • Exportable log data to spreadsheets, etc.

Customizable Alerts

    • Is your company prone to certain security risks? Set alerts for those behaviors to alert you in real time to take action.
      • Choose from wide array of event types and attributes via filters
      • Send alerts via email or SMS text
      • Control frequency of alerts with multiple types of settings

Integration with 3rd party Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools

    • External logging of all events
    • Simple set up for Splunk, Sumo, Amazon S3, IBM QRadar

Overall, these new reporting tools will empower any administrator to effectively monitor any size user population and provide focused, summary trend data and quick notifications of risky or unusual behaviors. If you have any questions or would like to start a free trial of the ARA module please contact sales at