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of people have never checked to see if they were affected by a data breach1

1 Varonis

websites are hacked every single day by cybercriminals2

2 Forbes

consumer records were accessed by hackers in 20193


Data breaches are on the rise and millions of personal records have been stolen and are available on the Dark Web. We are constantly building products to keep you and your family safe and less likely to be targeted.

Keeper Plus Bundle
  • Keeper Unlimited Password Manager
  • BreachWatch Dark Web Monitoring
  • Secure File Storage
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Key Features

  • Autofill Passwords with KeeperFill®

    KeeperFill generates strong, random passwords and autofills them into your websites and apps.

  • Identity & Payment Info

    Securely scan and store your payment cards for faster checkout on websites and apps.

  • Version History

    You can save and restore previous versions of your records at anytime.

  • Emergency Access

    Keeper supports the ability to add up to 5 emergency contacts to grant vault access in the event of an emergency or death.

  • Custom Fields

    Utilizing personalized fields, Keeper makes it simple to organize and secure all your important information, such as a Driver's License or Passport Number, with your existing records.

  • Two-Factor Authentication

    Keeper supports all two-factor methods including TOTP, SMS, Fingerprint (e.g. Touch ID), Face ID and WebAuthn security keys (e.g. YubiKey).

  • Protect Yourself from the Dark Web

    BreachWatch® monitors the dark web for breached accounts then alerts you so you can take action to protect yourself against cybercriminals.

  • Secure, Effortless File Storage and Sharing

    In the wrong hands, sensitive documents and files can cause irreparable harm to reputation and brand. With Keeper's Cloud Security Vault™, you can securely store, manage and share your digital assets.

See why users love Keeper so much

5 Stars "Love this app! It keeps everything organized and secure."
5 Stars "So nice having all my passwords in one place. Makes life so much easier."
5 Stars "I’ve been using this app for years. I don’t know what I would do without it!"
5 Stars "I’ve tried a lot of different password managers. For me, this is the cleanest and easiest to use."
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5 Stars "Super practical. It removes the hassle of remembering many passwords."

Keeper makes you secure and more productive online

  • Never Have To Remember Passwords Again

    Keeper generates high-strength random passwords for all your sites and apps.

  • Boosts your productivity

    Log into your websites and apps with your face or fingerprint.

  • Strengthens your online security

    Your passwords and private information are stored in your personal encrypted vault.

  • Protects you on all your devices

    Works on every mobile device and computer that you use and syncs instantly.

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