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Zero-Knowledge Architecture

Keeper is built with a proprietary zero-knowledge security architecture, meaning all encryption and decryption is done locally on the user’s device. Each record is encrypted using AES-256 with a different and unique key that is randomly generated, client-side.

KeePass only encrypts the entire database; it does not encrypt every record individually.

More Advanced Control Settings

Comprehensive Admin Console

Keeper offers a comprehensive administrative console so organizations have visibility into and control over their employees’ password security. Further, delegated admin rights can be extended to department leads to oversee employee access and privileges.

KeePass doesn’t offer an administrative console or provide any administrative controls. KeePass requires third-party plug-ins in order to support any administrative features.

User-Friendly Interface and Better Functionality

KeePass has a steep learning curve and an outdated user interface. Some features are only available through third-party plugins.

In contrast, Keeper has a sleek interface and robust functionality. By offering a seamless onboarding process and a great user experience, Keeper makes it simple to safeguard your employees’ business passwords.

More Advanced Control Settings

Better Customer Service and Support

KeePass only uses self-service materials for customer support.

Keeper knows your questions matter and has agents ready to help, giving you the option to speak to a person over the phone. Keeper also offers product training and onboarding with your subscription.

Multi-Platform Support

Keeper works on every mobile device and computer that you use and syncs instantly across devices. KeePass does not have any native mobile apps. Therefore, any mobile installations are from third-parties and not from KeePass directly. Because KeePass is an open-source solution, there is a general lack of consistency in features, functionality and design across user environments.

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Better Organization and Sharing Capabilities

Storage and Security in One Place

KeePass only stores files locally. In order to access your passwords from another device, you must store your KeePass database onto Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive or a similar cloud synced folder. Hosting your business passwords on a third-party site is a security risk.

Keeper stores all your information in one place with a proprietary zero-knowledge security architecture, thereby protecting your employees’ information while making it easily accessible from their devices.

Market-Leading Security Infrastructure and Policies

Keeper has the longest standing SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001 and TRUSTe certification in the industry. Keeper’s ISMS will ensure that strict security controls are in place to protect customer data and ensure secure operation of products and services.

KeepPass has not exhibited the same rigor to security practices. It has yet to obtain SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 certifications.

Market-Leading Security Infrastructure and Policies

Keeper is the Market Leader in Capabilities and Functionality

Base Product
Offline Mode
Local Storage
Cloud Storage
Multi-Platform Success
Record Sharing
Shared Folders
Admin Dashboard
Role-Based Enforcement Policies
Active Directory Integration
Two-Factor Codes in Record
Vault Transfer
Seamless SSO Integration Without Master Password
Record History
Secure Add-Ons
Secure File Storage
Dark Web Monitoring
Encrypted Messaging
Advanced Reporting and Alerts with SIEM Integration

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