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Trusted and loved by millions of people

5.0 out of 5

Love this app!

This app is a live saver! I use it all of the time to keep track of all of the passwords that I have to have for all the different facets of my life!

5.0 out of 5


I’ve had Keeper since its inception. I honestly couldn’t live without out it. They constantly update it. It’s easy to contact them and they just make life so much secure and easy.

5.0 out of 5

Very safe, easy to use

I really love this app. I am a very tough critic, and this app has exceeded my expectations on every level.

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Keeper makes you secure and more productive online

Never Have To Remember Passwords Again

Keeper generates high-strength random passwords for all your sites and apps.

Boosts your productivity

Log into your websites and apps with your face or fingerprint.

Strengthens your online security

Your passwords and private information are stored in your personal encrypted vault.

Protects you on all your devices

Works on every mobile device and computer that you use and syncs instantly.

Key Features

Autofill Passwords with KeeperFill®

KeeperFill generates strong, random passwords and autofills them into your websites and apps.

Identity & Payment Info

Securely scan and store your payment cards for faster checkout on websites and apps.

Custom Fields

Utilizing personalized fields, Keeper makes it simple to organize and secure all your important information, such as a Driver's License or Passport Number, with your existing records.

Secure File Storage

Protect your sensitive files, documents, photos and videos in a highly secure, encrypted digital vault.

Emergency Access

Keeper supports the ability to add up to 5 emergency contacts to grant vault access in the event of an emergency or death.

Two-Factor Authentication

Keeper supports all two-factor methods including TOTP, SMS, Fingerprint (e.g. Touch ID), Face ID and WebAuthn security keys (e.g. YubiKey).

Securely Share Information

Securely create, share and manage records with family, friends and colleagues.

Version History

You can save and restore previous versions of your records at anytime.

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