Securely Share Business Passwords and Files with Keeper

Keeper enables easy-to-manage, secure password sharing and encrypted storage across your organization.

What is Secure Password Sharing?

Sharing passwords in the workplace is a common practice. Employees may share passwords to critical systems and apps, like production systems and social media accounts, through email, SMS, Slack, sticky notes, spreadsheets or other insecure methods. Secure password sharing is a method that allows employees to share passwords safely.

To better protect passwords that need to be shared, use Keeper's password management and security platform. Keeper provides a secure, encrypted vault for each employee to store their work-related passwords. IT administrators can control who has access to which passwords, enforcing least-privilege and role-based access by restricting access permissions only to authorized users.

Why should your organization use a password management platform for secure password sharing?
Why common password sharing methods put your business at risk.

Why Common Password-Sharing Methods Put Your Business at Risk

Employees who use spreadsheets or text files, email, Slack, text messages and sticky notes to share passwords are putting your business at risk for a catastrophic data breach. Email and text messages can be intercepted by cybercriminals. Text files and spreadsheets aren’t encrypted.

Since over 80% of data breaches are due to weak or compromised passwords, it’s crucial to ensure your companys passwords are locked down and are being shared securely.

Leverage Keeper for Secure Employee Password Sharing

Advanced Reporting and Alerts

Get instant alerts when shared records are accessed or changed. Run security reports or receive real-time alerts over email, SMS, Slack, Microsoft Teams and more.

Secure Vault-to-Vault Sharing with Elliptic Curve Encryption

Keeper offers secure vault-to-vault sharing with Elliptic Curve encryption, meaning cybercriminals cannot intercept passwords or other shared records in transit. Only the intended recipient can access the shared record.

Shared team folders and customized permissions

Keeper allows IT admins to create shared team folders, with tools to limit how much control each member has. Admins specify whether each user can add or remove users or records. They also control whether users can edit or share a record. They can even choose to mask passwords so users can access and use the passwords, but not view them. This prevents users from writing down or copy-pasting them.

Import shared data and folders from any source

Import passwords and other secure files from any source, whether it be CSV, JSON or from other password managers like LastPass and KeePass.

Time-Limited Permissions

Access to Keeper shared folders and records can be time-restricted for users and teams. In support of least privilege, temporary access to credentials may be required for some users such as vendors, contractors and partners. When the allotted time expires, the users automatically lose access to the credentials, preventing threat actors from compromising them.

One-Time Share Access For Non-Keeper Users

In addition to securely sharing credentials through user vaults, Keeper offers the ability to share a credential using a link that is bound by a time limit. One-time shares are extremely useful when there is a need to give contractors access to system credentials for a limited period of time. The ability to create one-time shares is granted based on the access policies associated with user roles.

Administrative Control of All Company Credentials, Secrets and Sensitive Data

"Share administrators" have escalated privileges to access and manage all shared folders and records in the organization. They can change access permissions and add or remove users and records from a shared folder. Share administrators can also transfer record ownership when users leave the company.

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