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Weak password security is the trojan horse that can harm your enterprise.

Keeper is the leading enterprise password manager and cybersecurity platform for preventing password-related data breaches and cyberthreats.

Upcoming Webinar: 5 Critical Cybersecurity Strategies for Remote Work Environments

Upcoming Webinar: 5 Critical Cybersecurity Strategies for Remote Work Environments

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Cybersecurity starts with password security.

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to weak password security

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Keeper Enterprise Password Manager supports large and complex enterprise deployments

Keeper can be deployed at enterprise scale with advanced features including automated user provisioning, Active Directory sync, Single Sign-On (SAML 2.0) authentication, SCIM and developer APIs. Keeper maps your corporate structure using hierarchical organizational units and delegated administration.

Why large organizations use Keeper Enterprise Password Manager

  • Mitigates Risk of Data Breaches

    Keeper uses a proprietary, zero-knowledge security architecture that supports on-prem, cloud and hybrid-cloud environments for client-side encryption key management.

  • Bolsters Password Security and Privacy

    Each employee gets a private, encrypted vault for storing and managing their passwords, credentials, files and private client data.

  • Boosts Employee Productivity

    Reduces help desk costs, saves employees time, reduces frustration and eliminates the need for employees to reuse and remember passwords.

  • Strengthens Compliance Standards

    Supports role-based controls, 2FA, auditing, event reporting and industry compliance with HIPAA, DPA, FINRA, GDPR and more.

Meets your enterprise requirements with robust features

  • Single Sign On (SSO) Integration

    Deploy Keeper Enterprise Password Manager through existing SAML 2.0-compatible SSO solutions with seamless authentication. Supports popular IdPs such as Microsoft Azure, ADFS, Okta and G Suite.

  • Scalable User Provisioning

    Keeper streamlines onboarding through an administrative console and advanced integration with Active Directory, SSO, SCIM and developer APIs.

  • Hardware Security Module (HSM) Integration

    Keeper SSO Connect fully integrates with on-premise and cloud HSM solutions for added protection of encryption keys.

  • Share with Colleagues and Teams

    Securely create, share and manage both individual records and encrypted folders across teams or individual users.

  • Role-Based Access Controls

    Employee permissions can be fully customized through fine-grained access controls based on the role and responsibilities of team members.

  • Auditing, Analytics and Reporting

    Keeper Enterprise Password Manager provides visibility into password practices with robust reporting and auditing tools so you can reduce the threat of cyber breach and maintain compliance standards.

  • Version Control and Record History

    Employees can access a full history of their records, view a previous versions, see what changed and recover those records at any time.

  • Advanced DevOps Tools

    The Keeper Commander SDK provides IT admins and developers with open source code, command-line tools and APIs to perform password management and password rotation functionality.

  • Secure More Than Just Passwords

    Employees can encrypt and store any type of file or metadata in their Keeper Vaults such as private keys, digital certificates, notes, lists, codes, confidential documents and media files.

  • Separate Business and Personal Vaults

    Employees can maintain separate vaults for protecting business and personal information and switch between them with ease, on unlimited devices.

Keeper Enterprise Password Manager

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  • Everything in Keeper Business, plus:
  • Single Sign-On (SAML 2.0) authentication
  • Automated Team Management
  • Advanced Two-Factor Authentication (DUO & RSA)
  • Active Directory and LDAP sync
  • SCIM and Azure AD provisioning
  • Email auto-provisioning
  • Command line provisioning
  • Developer APIs for password rotation and backend integration

Recommended Enhancements

  • Secure File Storage

    Save private files, photos and videos in your Keeper Vault. Storage is pooled among your organization’s users.

  • Private, Hyper-Secure Messaging

    KeeperChat® strengthens your cybersecurity with encrypted messaging on every device to protect sensitive information against cybercriminals and prying eyes.

  • Dark Web Monitoring

    Provide all your employees with up-to-date risk assessment of passwords directly in their vaults. Also provides a summary view of breached password status across your organization.

  • Advanced Reporting and Alerts Module

    Take Keeper’s standard reporting capability to the next level with enterprise-grade, customizable reporting and alerting functionality built on Keeper’s zero-knowledge security architecture.

  • Dedicated Onboarding and Training

    Exclusive training and onboarding assistance, a dedicated support specialist and guidance, and training on new product features.