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Protect your passwords and your privacy everywhere you go with Safari with the Keeper password manager. Safari users everywhere protect and autofill passwords and private data with Keeper, the world's most secure password manager and digital vault.

On any device where you use Safari, Keeper enables you to generate, store, protect and autofill strong passwords that cybercriminals can’t access. At the same time, you enjoy a great browsing experience, because you don’t have to remember long passwords, credit card details or PINs. Getting started with Keeper as your Safari password manager is easy—just download Keeper for Mac from the Apple App Store.

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KeeperFill® makes Safari even more secure

Safari offers some great built-in privacy features, but for password management, you’ll want to disable the Safari password manager and download Keeper instead. Keeper gives you the strongest possible system for managing passwords on Safari, keeping cybercriminals from gaining access to your money, your private information or your identity.

The KeeperFill browser extension for Safari is bundled with Keeper for Mac, and it automatically generates strong passwords and lets you confidently autofill address and credit card information. Here are four reasons why your Safari browsing experience is even more secure with Keeper:

  • Keeper helps you easily generate and store strong passwords everywhere you browse with Safari, on Apple devices or PCs.
  • Keeper’s autofill feature makes signing into websites easier across all your devices without compromising security.
  • Keeper for Safari helps you protect confidential files, documents and other media in a secure, encrypted vault.
  • Keeper lets you securely share individual passwords or files with people you trust and designate individuals who can access your passwords in an emergency.
KeeperFill<sup>®</sup> makes Safari even more secure

How does it work?

When you use Keeper and Safari together, you'll never have to remember or worry about passwords again. With your master password that you use just for Keeper, you can manage all your other Safari passwords and logins and protect valuable data like credit card numbers, bank account numbers and other personal information stored on connected devices.

Safari users can also use Keeper to protect and securely access data such as answers to security questions and PINs. At the same time, you can easily share files and records with family members or other trusted parties using Keeper.

Two-Factor Authentication for Safari

Keeper password manager for Safari supports two-factor authentication methods including TOTP, SMS, Touch ID, Face ID and WebAuthn security keys such as YubiKey.

Start with the free version

With our free Keeper password management for Safari, you can securely store and auto-fill unlimited passwords. It includes:

  • Unlimited password storage
  • Autofill passwords for mobile
  • Unlimited payment and identity info
  • Fingerprint and Face ID login
  • Access on one device

Keep it safe, keep it simple

Keeper makes managing passwords easy and straightforward. It gives you a secure encrypted location for storing passwords and other login information you don’t want others to access. Best of all, Keeper works on any device where you use Safari—Mac, PC, mobile and more.

Get the protection of Keeper

Join the millions of users who depend on Keeper’s world-class security to protect themselves online.

  • Never have to remember passwords again: Keeper generates high-strength random passwords for all your Safari sites and apps.
  • Don’t let logins slow you down: Quickly log into your websites and apps with your face or fingerprint.
  • Boost your security online: Your passwords and private information are stored in your personal encrypted vault.
  • Protect all your Safari devices: Works on every mobile device and computer you use, and it syncs instantly with a Keeper Unlimited plan.

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