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Need Help?

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Keeper System Status

Keeper System Status

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User Guides

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Q&A Technical Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Secure is Keeper?
  • Does Keeper have any back doors accessible to employees, government agencies or 3rd parties?
  • Is Keeper Security Inc. HIPAA Compliant or subject to a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement?
  • Is Keeper GDPR Compliant?
  • How do I download and install Keeper on my phone, tablet, computer and web browser?
  • How do I deploy Keeper Enterprise to my company?
  • Does Keeper offer on-premise software to Enterprise customers?
  • I forgot my Master Password. How do I reset it?

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    KSI offers 24/7 assistance to customers through multiple channels. Show More

    Level 0
    Website and Documentation

    KSI has prepared and continues to update resources to help customers, including extensive user guides, tutorials, responses to frequently asked questions questions (FAQs) and webinars. The materials are made available to customers over KSI's website.

    Level 1
    Live Chat, Email and Phone

    Customers can obtain 24/7 support for questions related to the End User Vault via live chat functionality. Emails and phone calls for other Level 1 support (i.e. general billing, configuration of the software) will be handled by the Business Support teams in U.S. and Ireland. Through pooled support across offices, an individual is available between 9:30am - 12:00am GMT+2 (Berlin).

    Level 2 & 3
    Email and Phone

    Support related to solution integrations, technical issues, performance issues or bugs will be handled by KSI's Solution Engineering and Development teams. Resources in both U.S. and Ireland are on call throughout the day to deal with these tickets. High-priority, urgent tickets will be resolved as soon as possible, whether during or outside of work hours.

    Cases will be routed as appropriate to the correct channel based on the nature and criticality of the issue. The Service Level Objective (SLO) for a ticket is a response time within 24 hours. Customer service is a differentiator for KSI, and, in practice, cases are generally fully resolved within 2-3 hours upon being submitted.