Introducing Subfolders, Drag and Drop & Grid View Features!

Introducing Subfolders, Drag and Drop & Grid View Features!

Our latest update brings some exciting improvements to the organizational structure and user experience of the Desktop and Web Vault apps for both consumer and enterprise users. To log in to the Web Vault, click here or download the latest Keeper Desktop App.


If you’re looking for increased organization across teams, functions and account types, then you will enjoy our addition of subfolders. Subfolders provide greater control and organization over your private Keeper records and files.

Drag and Drop

If you read that last section and thought “Great, I have a million records. Moving all of them is going to be time-consuming”, well fear not. Our new “drag and drop” feature allows you to quickly move records between folders and subfolders. Click and hold to select one record and use the control key to select multiple records – drag them into your designated folder and you’re done!

In addition to moving records into other folders, you can also create shortcuts (i.e. a reference) of that record for another folder. This allows you to have a reference to that record in multiple folders for greater control, access, and convenience.

Grid View Layout

Grid view allows you to view your records in a graphical, tile format which displays beautiful, curated logos for popular websites. To enter Grid view, simply tap the Folders selector and tap “Grid” in the drop-down menu.



Right-Click Actions

You can now right-click on records and folders from the “Folders” or “List” view to perform common actions such as moving records between folders, creating shortcuts or launching into websites.

Behind the Scenes >> Product Architecture

With the launch of subfolders, the architecture of Keeper’s folder system has been radically improved. A folder and a shared folder are now “objects” that are created independently of records. Keeper’s implementation of subfolders is powerful and flexible, providing customers with the most secure encryption model while improving the overall user experience.

Here are a few key things to know:

  • A Folder can be made up of personal records, shared records or other subfolders.
  • Subfolders can be either shared or personal.
  • You can create an unlimited number of folders and shared folders.
  • A Shared Folder can be made up of an unlimited number of subfolders, each subfolder beneath a shared folder retains the permissions of the parent.
  • There is no limit to the folder tree depth.
  • A folder is a container made up of records or “shortcuts” (explained below)
  • A Shared Folder is a container of records, with flexible user and team sharing capability

To create a new folder or subfolder, click on “Create New” then “Folder” or “Shared Folder”. You can select the parent folder or select “My Vault” to add the folder at the root level.

Moving Records and Creating Shortcuts

A record can exist outside of a folder, inside a folder or inside a shared folder. A record can also be linked into multiple folders or shared folders. A linked record is also referred to as a “shortcut”.

There are two ways to Move a record into a shared folder:

  • Drag & Drop the record from the left pane and select “Move” when prompted
  • Right-click a record from the left pane and select “Move to…

To add a record to multiple folders (e.g. create a Shortcut), please follow one of these methods:

  • Click on the Folder and then click “Edit“. In the “Add Records” search box, search for the records to add and click “Add“.
  • Drag & Drop the record from the left pane and select “Create Shortcut” when prompted.
  • Right-click a record from the left pane and select “Create Shortcut…



Pro Tip

If you’re switching between password managers that support subfolders, you can drag and drop your exported file with your passwords into your newly created Keeper Vault and it will import all of your information with subfolders intact, to keep everything as organized as you had it.

Important Compatibility Notes

Since most of our Enterprise customers most frequently use the Desktop and Web Vault for on-site operations, they requested we launch Subfolders on these platforms first. When you log in to the Web Vault or Keeper Desktop application, you’ll automatically be converted to the new folder architecture. Your other applications such as the Windows Store, iOS, and Android apps are still under development, so you’ll notice that new folders created on the Web Vault and Desktop App won’t show up on your mobile device – however, this will not affect the integrity of your records. As soon as the mobile apps are updated (within 30 days), the folder structure on all mobile clients will be identical to that of the Web Vault and Desktop applications.

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