AI can crack your passwords. Here’s how Keeper can help.

As AI becomes more advanced, it’s important to consider all the ways AI can be used maliciously by cybercriminals, especially when it comes to cracking passwords. While AI password-cracking techniques...

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At least 50 universities from around the world were hacked recently.  About 120,000 records of names, user names, passwords, phone numbers and addresses of students and faculty were prey.  Harvard, Cornell, Stanford and Princeton were four universities that were included in the security breach.   The group known as Ghostshell posted the information to a

Hundreds of Thousands of Private University Records Fall Prey to Hacking

If you’ve noticed by reading our blog entries, this year was marked with security breaches.  LinkedIn, Yahoo, eHarmony, LastFM and many other sites all fell victim to hacking.  User information was posted online for anyone to see, leaving customers feeling helpless and vulnerable.  A security breach happens quickly, catching people, companies and corporations off guard

Finish 2012 Off Right with Keeper

Keeper, one of the world’s most downloaded password security applications, strives to make sure that our clients are confident knowing their private information and passwords are safe and secure. We love hearing input from our users! Just recently, Keeper was reviewed on the website BestAppSite.com.

Keeper Reviewed on BestAppSite.com

How much do you love and rely on your laptop? For many people, it’s a prized and invaluable possession. Now, imagine if your laptop was stolen. One minute it’s on the cafe table next to you and by the time you get your coffee, poof! It’s gone. If you’ve never been a victim of theft,

How Much is Your Private Information Worth?

Technology surrounds us. Most devices we use allow us to access sites that contain our most personal and confidential information. We rely on our passwords to keep all of our private information safe and secure. Yet we don’t always use strategic and strong passwords. Many people reuse the same password for multiple sites, or a

How Strong are Your Passwords?

It seems that every day brings an unfortunate new breach of security. Yesterday LinkedIn was the victim and 6.5 million of its users passwords were compromised. In a blog post, LinkedIn Director Vicente Silveria stated that they are continuing to investigate the situation and provided steps for the account holders who were included in the

LinkedIn Passwords Leaked, 6.5 Million Accounts Compromised

A major update was released for Keeper Password & Data Vault this week. Experience all the convenience and security that the new and improved Keeper 5.0 has to offer! Keeper 5.0 was released across all platforms which includes iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Mac, PC and Linux. For added user security, Keeper has increased the

Upgrade to Keeper 5.0 Today!

The Cyber War we’ve all heard about from security professionals, and feared, could be here sooner than we imagined. United States Government officials have long feared China and Russia because these two countries have advanced capabilities that could attack our computer networks. However, security officials have now shifted their focus to Iran. Iran has recently

Cyber War: The New Battlegrounds

It’s rare to run into someone that doesn’t have a Smartphone. These handy devices have become an extension of ourselves, our companions and something we can’t or wouldn’t want to live without. As more people continue to connect their lives, bank and credit accounts, personal and business information, and more, through their Smartphones as they

Your Smartphone Can Stay Smart with Keeper

We all do it–use the same login credentials for multiple sites. It’s a bad habit we’ve formed but what else are we supposed to do now that we use the Internet for everything. This habit which may seem helpful for our memories is hurtful to our accounts. If one set of login credentials is the

Get Rid of Bad Habits and Use Keeper

The new year brings many of the same challenges that Callpod has long ago recognized in mobile device security. Security risks with corporate mobile devices continue to rise as the use of tablets in professional environments demand an increase in security measures. Experts recognize that the key to security within mobile devices lies in encryption–as

The State of Mobile Security: 2012

Find the answer to any question you may have, and explore the all of the features that we have to offer! Callpod’s Webinar Callpod is hosting weekly webinars to train users on Keeper. Find your platform and device, and register to reserve your place at the proper event. Webinar Schedule  

Educate Yourself–It's Free!

The digital age has brought with it a host of concerns for parents regarding the privacy of their children in light of the information and activities that is now being shared online. And with good reason: “An Associated Press-MTV poll finds 3 in 10 teens and young adults have had people get into their Facebook,

More Teens Report Being Hacked

Regular followers of Callpod’s blog know that this has been an extraordinary year in mobile device security. Breaches of security are occurring at rates that only continue to accelerate. Hacking is taking place for all kinds of reasons as our lives become increasingly enmeshed in technology, targeting everyone from workers to regular consumers accustomed to

Investment in Mobile Security to Increase 44% Annually Through 2015

We recently reported on a data leak by hackers on Goldman Sachs CEO and Chairman, Lloyd Blankfein earlier this week. Since then, news reports have been developing regarding the connection of online activism and protests against Wall Street and the financial system. “Members of the Anonymous collective are not just taking their activism to the

Cyber Attacks Take a New Angle

We saw a video on the mobile security standards that are being developed by the National Institutes of Standards of Technology (NIST). Our mobile security software, Keeper® Password and Data Vault stays one step ahead of the standard and leads the way by having addressed the major issues that this government agency is just beginning

Ahead of the Curve In Mobile Security Standards

The key feature of Keeper® Password and Data Vault’s mobile security software lies in the 128-bit AES encryption that the application uses to protect the data from the user end, as it can only be decoded using the password established by the user. This article illustrates why anyone who accesses or stores critical information on

The Importance of Encryption, Illustrated

A lot of exciting developments are in the works at Callpod. We have a some changes in the works that are designed to make Keeper better and more widely available to our users. A lot of you may have seen our requests for feedback—we’re trying to gauge the best ways to protect you based on

Keeper® Is On Your Side

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