AI can crack your passwords. Here’s how Keeper can help.

As AI becomes more advanced, it’s important to consider all the ways AI can be used maliciously by cybercriminals, especially when it comes to cracking passwords. While AI password-cracking techniques...

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No, you cannot get hacked just by opening an email. The only way you can get hacked through an email is by interacting with the contents of the email, such as clicking on a malicious link or attachment.  Continue reading to learn more about malicious emails and how to avoid getting hacked through them.  What

Can You Get Hacked Just By Opening an Email?

Storing your bank passwords in a password manager is the safest way to store them without putting them at risk of becoming compromised. When targeting online accounts, cybercriminals often target those that are most valuable, which includes your bank accounts. Securing your bank accounts with strong passwords is crucial to preventing bad actors from accessing

Should I Store My Bank Passwords in a Password Manager?

There are many ways to safeguard your information online. Some cybersecurity basics you should already have down include using strong passwords, enabling Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), regularly updating your software, limiting location sharing, not oversharing on social media, backing up your data and utilizing a VPN. Continue reading to learn more about what it looks like

Do You Know These Cybersecurity Basics?

Pharming in cybersecurity is a type of cyberattack that redirects website traffic from a legitimate site to a spoofed site, or fake site, with the intent of stealing sensitive information such as passwords and credit cards. These fake sites look almost identical to legitimate sites and can be difficult to spot – but not impossible. 

What Is Pharming in Cybersecurity?

A password breach is when a cybercriminal has your password and is able to use it to get into your account. Password breaches can occur due to social engineering and insider threats, but most often, weak password habits are the culprit.  Keep reading to learn more about how passwords get breached, what can happen if

What Is a Password Breach?

Internet of Things (IoT) security protects IoT devices and the networks to which they connect from cyberattacks.  IoT devices can include anything that connects to your internet including doorbell cameras, baby monitors, smart bulbs and thermostats. This presents a cybersecurity risk because anything that can connect to your internet is at risk of being hacked.

What Is IoT Security?

An attack surface refers to all the possible points, also called attack vectors, where cybercriminals can access a system and steal data. When an attack surface is small, it’s easier to manage and protect, making it essential to reduce your attack surface as much as possible. Continue reading to learn more about attack surfaces and

What Is an Attack Surface?

No, phishing and social engineering are not the same. Phishing is a subset of social engineering, meaning phishing attacks are a form of social engineering, but not all social engineering is considered phishing.  Read on to learn more about what differentiates phishing from social engineering and how to protect yourself from both.  What Is Phishing?

Are Phishing and Social Engineering the Same?

A strong password is made up of at least 16 characters and contains upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols. Strong passwords also follow password best practices so they never contain personal information, dictionary words or phrases, and are never reused across multiple accounts. Continue reading to learn why strong passwords are necessary and

What Makes a Strong Password?

The most common types of cyberattacks are phishing, variations of password attacks, malware, spoofing, supply chain attacks, DDoS attacks, identity-based attacks, IoT attacks and insider threats. Continue reading to learn more about what these cyberattacks are and how to keep yourself protected from them. What Is a Cyberattack? A cyberattack is an attempt by cybercriminals

The Most Common Types of Cyberattacks

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