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CASE STUDY Global AI-Based Translation Company Securely Migrates Passwords to Keeper Security

AI-backed translation software company leverages Keeper to securely generate, store and share passwords

Solution Benefits

Integration with Google Workspace and Single Sign-On (SSO) solution
Automated onboarding and offboarding of employees and contractors
Seamless migration of user records from previous password manager

About Lilt

Lilt is a AI translation solution that enables global businesses to create multilingual digital experiences in their customers' preferred languages. The company uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve translation velocity and alignment with each company’s brand voice, with human quality control from skilled linguists to verify accuracy and provide feedback to continue to improve the AI.

Based in Emeryville, California, Lilt has more than 150 distributed employees around the world with offices in Berlin, Dublin, London, and Indianapolis and a global talent network of translators.

The Challenge

Making information universally accessible is at the core of Lilt’s mission. Between enabling the company's distributed workforce and supporting its customers, the Information Technology (IT) team underpins its global operations.

Lilt had used a password manager before, but its last password manager experienced a data breach that put its vaults at risk. As Lilt scaled and hired new employees in multiple offices, the amount of company data and sensitive records grew as well. Matt Ritchie, Manager of IT and Customer Support at Lilt, said that the growing volume of records for end-users and administrators became “difficult to use, difficult to navigate and cumbersome.”

Noting these challenges, the IT team began to evaluate alternative solutions for enterprise password management. They outlined a wishlist of capabilities in a future solution, including integrations with their SSO solution and Google Workspace, as well as automated onboarding and compliance with SOC2 and GDPR.

User adoption and experience were also top priorities, especially a smooth mobile experience for executives and employees on the go. When users in any organisation resort to non-secure password habits because a solution isn’t simple or convenient to use, they undermine the cybersecurity offered by an enterprise password manager, while costing the help desk time and money for password-related tickets.

Keeper's security model — which encrypts data at the level of individual records, files and vaults — emerged as a compelling factor in Lilt’s search for an alternative. Keeper’s work with government agencies, enabled by the security standards it adheres to as part of its FedRAMP and StateRAMP Authorisations, also provided assurance that Keeper met the standards — and the standards of its government clients — for security, encryption and compliance.

Already in the midst of its evaluation process, Lilt was well-positioned to make a decision. But when their previous password manager suffered another breach, the initiative to switch solutions and better protect passwords turned into an imperative.

We had about a week to make the move to Keeper, or otherwise we were going to lose all of our passwords and everything. The onboarding team was very helpful. They walked us through the product and helped us migrate everything in just a few meetings.

–Matt Ritchie, Manager of IT and Customer Support

The Keeper Solution

Lilt had a tight timeline, with just seven days between the start of their new Keeper subscription and the end of the term for their previous password manager. They needed to ensure that all vaults and records were securely and accurately transferred.

Working with their Keeper onboarding team, Lilt’s IT team configured the solution for their organisation and used Keeper's automated migration tool to transport vaults, files and records to Keeper. The migration tool exempted employees from having to reset and re-create account logins one-by-one, preserving the record-sharing relationships in place between team members.

Training sessions led by Keeper’s product support team, in addition to admin documentation and end-user guides, eased the transition to Keeper for Lilt employees.

As an organisation that uses Google Workspace and an SSO solution, Keeper provides an automated login experience for connected enterprise apps. The integration automates the onboarding and offboarding of personnel, giving access to connected apps and websites for roles specified in Google Workspace.

For apps and websites that aren’t covered by SSO, and where employees would otherwise have to create a new password, Keeper bridges the SSO gap and prevents the use and re-use of weak passwords. Employees rely on Keeper to generate and autofill random, strong passwords. While employees still have the option to set their own passwords for unconnected apps, enforcement policies give the IT team the ability to enforce a password policy — such as the minimum strength required for passwords.

And for more substantive record-sharing — like credentials for corporate accounts that need to be shared between accounting and HR, for example — the shared folders feature enables departments to share passwords with other teams while establishing record permissions. When a new employee joins the team, integration with Google Workspace automatically provisions or removes access to the records and files they need to carry out their roles.

For Lilt, an intuitive, secure and standard way to manage passwords as an organisation is making a world of a difference.

We looked closely at how you can share passwords directly one-to-one or share a whole folder of passwords and permissions to those vaults. Even at a cursory glance at how other solutions enable sharing, Keeper stood out.

–Matt Ritchie, Manager of IT and Customer Support

Benefits of Enterprise Password Management


Keeper is a zero-knowledge password management solution. This means all information stored in Keeper is only accessible by the end-user. All encryption and decryption are done on the client’s device, and the data is encrypted both in transit (TLS) and at rest on Keeper’s Infrastructure (AES-256).

The plaintext version of the data is never available to Keeper Security employees or any outside party. Keeper is fanatical about protecting customer data, but in the unlikely event Keeper was hacked, the only thing the attackers could possibly access is worthless ciphertext.

Improve Password Awareness and Behavior

Most businesses have limited visibility into the password practices of their employees, which greatly increases cyber threats. Password hygiene cannot be improved without critical information regarding password usage and compliance. Keeper solves this by providing comprehensive password reporting, auditing, analytics and notifications.

Each user has a set of public and private encryption keys used for encrypting the vault, sharing password records and messages between users. Shared information is encrypted with the recipient's public key. Keeper’s record-sharing methodology is easy to use, secure and intuitive.

Fast Time-to-Security

Keeper is intuitive, quick and easy to deploy, regardless of the size of your business. Keeper integrates with Active Directory and LDAP servers, which streamlines provisioning and onboarding. Use Keeper SSO Connect® to integrate into your existing SSO solution.

Keeper Scales with your Business

Keeper was designed to scale for any sized business. Features such as role-based permissions, team sharing, departmental auditing and delegated administration support your business as it grows. Keeper Commander™ provides robust APIs to integrate into current and future systems.

Protect your Business with Keeper

To learn more about how Keeper can protect your business with an easy-to-use platform for identity and access management, contact our Sales Team for a Free Trial or Demo.

Protect Your Business with Keeper.

To learn more about how Keeper can protect your business with an easy-to-use platform for identity and access management, contact our Sales Team for a Free Trial or Demo.

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