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Simple and secure password management for your business.

Simple and secure password management for your business.

Starting at only
per user/month *zzgl MwSt *Includes GST

Bonus! Includes a Free Family Plan for each team member.

Keeper is designed for your small or medium-sized business

Fast and easy set up

Easy to set up and roll out to your employees on every device they use.

Easy to use

Simple design that is a joy to use on every device and web browser.

Create and share strong passwords

Creates high-strength, random passwords and lets you securely share them on demand.

Unlimited devices and peace of mind

Each employee gets Keeper on unlimited devices for complete, company-wide protection.

Bonus! Free Family Plan

When you buy Keeper Business, each team member gets a free Keeper Family Plan.

World-class training and support

The Keeper Team is here to help you 24x7.

Autofill passwords with KeeperFill®

Quickly autofill your passwords into your websites and apps.

Best-in-class security

Keeper utilises proprietary zero-trust and zero-knowledge security architecture with full end-to-end encryption.

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3 Minute Demo
Keeper Demo for Teams and Small Business

Keeper is trusted and loved by thousands of companies and millions of people globally.

5 Stars

Keeper customer for years

Still depending on Keeper daily to help navigate the world of ever expanding passwords and security questions.

5 Stars


I’ve had Keeper since its inception. I honestly couldn’t live without out it. They constantly update it. It’s easy to contact them and they just make life so much secure and easy.

5 Stars

Keeper is #1

I've tried them all. This is the one to count on.

Keeper gives you visibility, security and control over your company’s cybersecurity protection.

No technology expertise is required - it’s super easy to use.

Your Keeper Admin Console gives you powerful visibility, security and control.

  • Set up, disable or remove users quickly
  • Create teams and roles
  • Enforce security policies
  • Monitor your data security
  • Maintain user logs and activity reports
Admin Console showing users, role-based acces control, teams and user provisioning.

Keeper is priced for your needs and budget.

Starting at only
per user/month
*zzgl MwSt
*Includes GST

XXX per user billed annually

Price match

Price Guarantee If you have a competitive quote, Contact Us and we’ll match or beat it.

Get Protected Now

Minimum 5 users

Each Keeper Business Plan Includes:

Bonus! Free Family Plan for Every Team Member

  • Encrypted vault for every user
  • Unlimited Devices
  • Folders and subfolders
  • Shared team folders
  • Enforcement Policies
  • Security audit and reporting
  • User Activity Reporting
  • Team management
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Biometric Passwordless Login

If you need advanced provisioning, SSO integration, compliance reports and delegated administration, learn more about Keeper Enterprise.

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