Keeper SSO Connect™

Enhancing and extending Single Sign-On deployments with secure zero-knowledge password management and digital vault capabilities.

Enhancing SSO with Password Management and Digital Vault Capabilities

Keeper SSO Connect enhances any Single Sign-On solution by providing a secure password manager and digital vault solution in a zero-knowledge environment that stores not only login credentials and passwords, but also proprietary customer data, access credentials to restricted systems and sensitive documents.

Keeper SSO Connect™

Seamless Authentication and Provisioning

Keeper SSO Connect is a SAML 2.0 application which leverages Keeper's zero-knowledge security architecture to securely and seamlessly authenticate users into their Keeper Vault and dynamically provision users to the platform.

Flexible and Secure Encryption Key Management

User encryption keys are generated dynamically by Keeper SSO Connect, encrypted and stored locally on the installed server, providing the customer with full control over the encryption keys that are used to encrypt and decrypt their digital vaults.

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Integrates with Your SSO IdP Platform

Keeper SSO Connect works with popular SSO IdP platform such as G Suite, Microsoft AD FS / Azure, F5 BIG-IP APM, Okta, Centrify, OneLogin, Ping Identity and CAS to provide businesses the utmost in authentication flexibility.

G Suite
Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure
Ping Identity
IBM Security

Security Architecture

Keeper SSO Connect utilises a proprietary zero-knowledge security architecture to provide customers with complete domain and control over the ownership and management of their encryption keys.

Security Architecture

Integrates with Your HSM

Keeper SSO Connect fully integrates with popular on-premise and cloud HSM solutions such as Gemalto Luna for an additional layer of encryption key protection and secure key storage.

Security Architecture with HSM

For more detailed technical documentation, view the SSO Connect Guide