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More Reliable Uptime and Availability of Hosting

Keeper is hosted on AWS with a 99.99% commitment for uptime and availability. LastPass is hosted in its own custom data-center, which has experienced repeated downtime.

Keeper’s infrastructure also enables users to share records, transfer accounts and access shared records instantly. Customers who evaluated both products cite record sharing latency in LastPass.

Better Customer Service and Support

Customers who switch from LastPass to Keeper cite slow and often nonexistent response rates as a reason for migrating. Keeper knows that your questions matter and gives you the option to speak to a live person over the phone. Keeper live support is available 24x7. Keeper also offers product training and onboarding with your subscription.

Market-Leading Security Infrastructure

Keeper is the most secure password manager in the industry, and has the longest standing SOC2 and ISO27001 certification in the industry. Keeper is the only password manager that uses deep record-level encryption.

Full Integration with SSO

LastPass does not offer integrated SSO; it requires LastPass users to re-enter credentials to access their vaults. Keeper SSO Connect is a SAML 2.0 application that leverages Keeper’s zero-knowledge security architecture to securely and seamlessly authenticate users into their Keeper Vaults. It fully integrates with every SSO provider, is hosted by the customer (on-prem or in the cloud) and manages the encryption keys for users. Encryption keys managed by Keeper SSO Connect can also be protected with on-prem or cloud-based HSM.

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More flexible capabilities for provisioning and managing users, roles and teams

The overall organizational structure of the Enterprise Admin Console in Keeper is more robust and fits into any size business. Keeper's node or team structure combined with customizable role-based permissions provides the most flexible solution to any organization.

Seamless Account Transfer Feature

Keeper ensures that when an employee leaves your company or is unable or unwilling to access their vault, the data contained within is not lost. With Keeper’s Account Transfer feature, you can transfer their vault to another user. This assures they are not leaving with any sensitive data and you are not locked out from retrieving it. LastPass does not have this capability.

More Features For a Better Price

Keeper leads the market in capabilities and functionality while being more affordable than LastPass. Why pay more for less?

For Businesses & Teams
$30 per user/year
$48 per user/year
For Enterprise
$45per user/year
$72per user/year
Multi-Platform Access
Record Sharing
Admin Dashboard
Team management
AD and LDAP Integration
SAML 2.0
Secure File Storage
Role Permissions (Reporting)
Role Permissions (Access Controls)
Account Transfer
Automatic User Provisioning
Record-Level Encryption
Dark Web Monitoring
Encrypted Chat
Advanced Reporting (w/ SIEM Integration)

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