Keeper is Named PCMag’s Best Password Manager for Second Consecutive Year

Keeper is Named PCMag’s Best Password Manager for Second Consecutive Year

With 2019 drawing to a close, we’re excited to announce that PCMag has once again chosen Keeper as the Best Password Manager of the Year. This is the second year in a row Keeper has been selected for PCMag’s annual Best of the Year list. Additionally, PCMag recently rated Keeper “Excellent” and named it an Editors’ Choice.

The 2019 “Best of the Year” list encompasses 103 products across 15 categories, carefully selected from the over 2,000 reviews that PCMag editors conducted over the past year. In naming Keeper Best Password Manager of the Year, PCMag notes:

Keeper boasts modern, well-designed apps on all platforms; useful password capture and replay tools; and secure password inheritance and sharing features.” The article highlights that “for the security-conscious crowd, it also offers a dedicated auditing section for identifying bad or compromised passwords and supports several 2FA options.

Keeper makes password security simple

The most sophisticated security features in the world don’t matter if a password manager is too difficult for the average person to use. In addition to providing the highest levels of password security to consumers and businesses, Keeper strives to make its products as user-friendly as possible. Neil J. Rubenking and Ben Moore rave about Keeper’s simplicity in their detailed review for PCMag:

A password manager needs to do its job with as little friction as possible. Otherwise, users will drop it and go back to using the same password everywhere, or writing passwords on sticky notes. Keeper Password Manager & Digital Vault offers consistent, excellent apps for all the platforms and browsers you could want and includes the advanced features found in the very best password managers, among them password inheritance, secure sharing, two-factor authentication, and an actionable password strength report.”

This new year, resolve to protect your business and personal passwords private information

Experian’s 2020 data breach industry forecast warns consumers and businesses that data breach techniques will only grow more advanced next year, to include methods such as “smishing” (SMS-based phishing), drones that steal data from public WiFi networks, deepfakes, hacktivism, and attacks on mobile payment systems. The good news is that password security measures, including using a password manager and implementing 2FA, can protect individuals and enterprises from these and other cyber threats.

Now is the time to resolve to secure your passwords — and since cybercriminals won’t wait until January 1 to attack, you shouldn’t wait until then to get started. If you’re not a Keeper customer yet, download Keeper Password Manager and Digital Vault now! If you run a business or are responsible for its information security, reach out to Keeper today and discover how simple and affordable it is to protect your company against password-related breaches.