Keeper Named Editor’s Choice by Both PCMag & PCWorld

Keeper Named Editor’s Choice by Both PCMag & PCWorld

We are excited to announce that the Keeper Password Manager has been named an Editors’ Choice by both PCMag and PCWorld

Editors’ Choice – PCMag

PCMag, which previously named Keeper Best Password Manager of the Year for 2018, noted Keeper’s support of all popular platforms and browsers, two-factor authentication, secure password sharing, and inheritance, optional secure file storage and messaging, and retention of full password and file history. The editors were also highly impressed with Keeper’s exclusive zero-knowledge security architecture:

Zero-knowledge is central to the philosophy of Keeper Security. As such, Keeper didn’t include a password inheritance feature until the developers came up with a zero-knowledge technique. Keeper still doesn’t attempt updating passwords automatically, though it helps with the process of updating to better passwords. A contact at the company pointed out that competing products aren’t fully zero-knowledge during automated password updates. Your passwords exist in memory on the company’s servers, at least briefly.

The bottom line, PCMag says, is that “Keeper Password Manager & Digital Vault is an elegant and security-first password management solution available for all popular platforms and browsers.”

Read PCMag’s full review of Keeper here.

Editors’ Choice – PCWorld

Calling Keeper “one of the strongest password managers available,” PCWorld points out Keeper’s seamless experience across platforms and easy-to-use web interface as major selling points. The review also notes the user interface updates Keeper has implemented to make our password manager as easy to use as possible, without compromising security:

Keeper has always emphasized security, more than some other password managers. But in the past that sometimes came at the expense of things that consumers prize like ease-of-use and eye-catching aesthetics. Thankfully, the password manager has made some smart updates since the last time I reviewed it, including modernizing its interface, while strengthening its already impressive security features.

Read PCWorld’s full review of Keeper here.

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