Your Smartphone Can Stay Smart with Keeper

Your Smartphone Can Stay Smart with Keeper

It’s rare to run into someone that doesn’t have a Smartphone. These handy devices have become an extension of ourselves, our companions and something we can’t or wouldn’t want to live without. As more people continue to connect their lives, bank and credit accounts, personal and business information, and more, through their Smartphones as they once would with a PC, it’s not a surprise that Smartphones have become vulnerable targets for hackers and malware. Two recent examinations discovered that current designers of Smartphones and Tablets failed to fully account for privacy and security implications. This is, at the very least, alarming. Two research firms, Cryptography Research and McAfee’s research team discovered and demonstrated different ways your Smartphone or Tablet is an easy target.

Cryptography Research showed how easily your Smartphone or Tablet can be watched during a purchase transaction, while online banking and even accessing a company’s private network, without the device being modified, and without your knowledge of the activity happening. You know, the things we do on our Smartphones and Tablets on a daily basis–the things we invested and rely on our Smartphones for, were all an easy target for this team. And it doesn’t stop there…

McAffee’s research team demonstrated a few different discoveries
. The first demonstration by McAffee’s team was several ways to hack into Apple’s iOS operating system, for iPhones and iPads. They also showed how simple it is to activate microphones to record conversations, which is seems more uncomfortable than detrimental to our privacy. Don’t forget about what else McAfee’s team was able to demonstrate: Ways to steal your passwords, call histories, email and text messaging information. These phones are starting to not feel so smart, anymore…

Because not only are these happening but we’ve already been warned of the ways inputting your private information into the apps we download can be finicky to the privacy of our information. Who enjoys a telemarketer or junk mail? Sadly, what can happen to your information can be much worse than a nagging phone call or extra email.

Just imagine how fast your money could disappear when our Smartphones take place of our wallets. If more than 1 billion people are expected to own Smartphones by 2016, that’s a lot of money and private information that could be stolen.

This is just another reason why Keeper is important to you. You won’t need to worry about your Smartphone or Tablet being vulnerable. By taking control of your private information and data by using Keeper Security app, you’re safe behind military-grade 128-bit AES security. Keeper, which is one of the most downloaded security applications, is trusted by millions of people globally. Keeper will store all of your private information behind the strong Master Password of your choosing. Within Keeper, you can securely login to all of your personal sites, such as banking, credit, business–anything that is password protected and you want and most importantly need to stay safe–for a piece of mind. Keep your Smartphone “smart” and protected by downloading and using Keeper Security app. Keeper is available on Tablets and computers too – to keep your private information organized, safe and secure.