Protect More Than Just Your Passwords with Keeper Secure File Storage

Protect More Than Just Your Passwords with Keeper Secure File Storage

Keeper recently reached an exciting milestone; we now have over one million customers worldwide. Many of these customers are trusting Keeper to store and secure more than just their passwords; Keeper’s Secure File Storage, which is available for individuals, families, and businesses, is our most popular add-on service.

Not making use of Secure File Storage? Here are all the great benefits you’re missing out on!

Keeper Secure File Storage is the most secure way to store & share files

Most cloud storage providers authenticate users with a username, password, and sometimes multi-factor authentication — and files are stored on their servers in plain text format, with no encryption. In contrast, Keeper uses PBKDF2 to derive authentication keys based on the user’s Master Password, then generates individual record-level AES-256 encryption keys locally on the device to encrypt each stored file. Keeper’s cloud only holds the encrypted ciphertext of each file. Sharing between users is performed using PKI to ensure that only the recipient of a shared file can decrypt it. Keeper’s zero-knowledge encryption methods ensure that only the user can access and decrypt their stored files.

Centralize & secure all of your important documents

Not being able to locate an important document when you need to produce it — whether it’s the deed to your home or your company’s insurance policy paperwork — can be disastrous. Keeper’s Secure File Storage is your digital safety deposit box, a secure place to store critical paperwork so that you can immediately find and access it when you need it. Use it to store insurance and loan paperwork, vaccination and other healthcare records, deeds and titles, bank account statements, passport photos, client and vendor lists, and more.

Protect images & videos, too

Personal and family photographs and home videos document unique memories and are irreplaceable. Storing backups of images and videos in Keeper ensures that your priceless memories are kept safe for both your current family and future generations to enjoy.

People and families aren’t the only ones who use Keeper’s Secure File Storage for images and videos; businesses need secure storage for organizational assets such as blueprints, advertising materials, product prototypes and designs, company logos and graphics, employee ID photos, and employee training videos.

Store digital certificates & SSH keys

Many organizations rely on digital certificates and keys to access critical systems. If cybercriminals get hold of these certificates or keys, the results could be disastrous, so it is of the utmost importance to store them securely.

In addition to saving digital certificates and SSH keys in Keeper as a custom field or note, organizations can also use Secure File Storage to upload them as a file attachment. Then, administrators can use Keeper Commander, a command-line SDK and toolkit for DevOps users, to use the credentials or keys to easily and securely connect to remote systems using stored credentials or SSH keys.

Examples of the types of certificates that can be stored in Keeper include:

  • SSL Certificates
  • SSH Keys
  • RSA Key Pairs
  • Code Signing Certificates
  • API Keys

Securely share digital assets

Keeper Secure File Storage enables efficient, secure, vault-to-vault sharing of stored files with other Keeper users. Just like passwords stored in Keeper, users can set sharing permissions for digital files (read-only, can edit, can share, or can edit and share).For any questions, check out our Secure File Storage user guide. Not a Keeper customer yet? Sign up for a free 14-day trial now! Want to find out more about how Keeper can help your business prevent security breaches? Reach out to our team today.