Yes, We’re In a Ransomware Crisis. Password Security Can Help Prevent It.

Yes, We’re In a Ransomware Crisis. Password Security Can Help Prevent It.

FBI Director Christopher Wray made waves recently when, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, he compared the threat of ransomware to global terrorism after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001: “There are a lot of parallels, there’s a lot of importance, and a lot of focus by us on disruption and prevention. There’s a shared responsibility, not just across government agencies but across the private sector and even the average American.”

Let’s take a look at what’s been going on in the ransomware scene recently:

These are only a few examples; we could do this all day. If the U.S. isn’t experiencing a ransomware crisis right now, what more will it take?

It All Comes Back to Passwords

The Coveware study found that about 75% of ransomware attacks involve compromised login credentials, most of them remote desktop protocol (RDP) credentials.

Password security plays a starring role in the recent White House Executive Order on cybersecurity, which, among other things, mandates that U.S. federal agencies use multi-factor authentication (MFA) and encryption.

Ransomware attacks aren’t abating. The time is now for federal agencies to implement an enterprise-grade password manager, get their password security under control and reduce their risks of a ransomware attack. Keeper’s zero-knowledge, FedRAMP-in-process password security and encryption platform gives IT administrators complete visibility into employee password practices, enabling them to monitor password use and enforce password security policies organization-wide, including strong, unique passwords and MFA. Fine-grained access controls allow administrators to set employee permissions based on their roles and responsibilities, as well as set up shared folders for individual groups, such as job classifications or project teams.

Keeper takes only minutes to deploy, requires minimal ongoing management, and scales to meet the needs of any size agency.
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