What is the Purpose of a Password Manager?

What is the Purpose of a Password Manager?

Most users recycle their passwords across numerous websites and choose very weak passwords. How are you expected to create secure, one-of-a-kind passwords for every website you visit? A password manager offers the answer.

The purpose of a password manager is to safely store online credentials, help you log in into any account automatically and generate strong and unique passwords. A master password is used to lock down an encrypted vault where these passwords are kept. 

What Is a Password Manager?

A password manager is a tool that stores all of your passwords and other sensitive information in one place only accessible with the master password. Users can track, save, protect, share and manage passwords for online services and apps using password managers –eliminating the need for users to write their passwords down in their notes or reset their passwords over and over. Not only are password managers essential for convenience, but also for security. 

For example, the New York Times published an article stating that Microsoft announced they suffered a cyberattack from a Chinese hacking group, Hafnium. Local governments, government organizations and corporations were all impacted by the attack, which targeted hundreds of thousands of on-premises servers running Microsoft’s Exchange email software throughout the United States. Each company that was compromised had its email conversations exposed. Hafnium used stolen passwords in addition to an unreported Exchange vulnerability to get access to the on-premises systems.

Password management solutions are essential for ensuring user safety and security as they browse the internet. Businesses must take the required measures to ensure that company accounts are secure as cybercriminals breach corporate networks more frequently.

What Are The Benefits of Using A Password Manager?

A password manager is secure and easy to use. Consider using an online password manager to assist you in keeping your accounts safe. To aid in preventing online fraud, these services generate and save lengthy, difficult passwords for each of your accounts. Some benefits of using a password manager include:

One master password to access your credentials

A password manager stores all of your passwords in a single vault using one strong master password. The master password is the only password you will need to remember to access your vault. 

Generates strong passwords

For each of your accounts, password managers may generate random passwords. Random passwords are usually stronger than ones you create since password cracking software is designed to try the most popular passwords first.

Share passwords securely

Although it’s typically not advised to reveal your passwords to anyone, a password manager provides you the power to decide who has access to passwords for shared accounts.

Autofill your passwords

You can still utilize the autofill option to have usernames and passwords automatically filled-in on login screens. Trust your password manager to securely save your personal information instead of allowing your web browser to save the information you enter on websites.

Change your password anytime

Password managers make it simple to modify or reset passwords. You can keep safe if a website where you have an account has been compromised by creating a new password using the built-in password generator. Some password managers even offer the option to instantly reset your passwords. For maximum security, you should regularly update all of your passwords.

Access all of your accounts

Logging onto accounts is simple. You can install a browser extension that will autofill logins for you while still securely saving them after you sign up for a password manager. You can also launch websites directly from the password manager instead of navigating to the site yourself.

Store additional information

Additional data that can be safely stored in your password safe includes answers to security questions, credit cards, private files and medical information.

Are Password Managers Safe?

Reliable password managers are very hard to hack. Strong encryption is offered by password managers, acting as a powerful deterrent to online criminals. Strong encryption, like the industry-standard AES security used by the US government to protect its sensitive data, is used to protect many password managers.

Keeper employs AES-256 encryption to guarantee that your data is inaccessible to outsiders. Additionally, Keeper uses a zero-trust framework, is built with zero-knowledge security architecture and offers multi-factor authentication – which all combine to create an extremely secure and easy-to-use password manager. The master password, which you must enter in order to access all the other passwords, should be your first priority when it comes to security on your end. It must include a minimum of 12 characters, a variety of symbols and be impossible to decipher.

Do Password Managers Generate Strong Passwords?

Password managers not only help you store your passwords safely, but they also create passwords that are complicated and one-of-a-kind, making them harder to crack. For each login, you ought to use a unique, randomly generated password to prevent cybercriminals from accessing your data. Every password that’s generated consists of a random mixture of upper- and lowercase letters, symbols and numbers. You can create a new password using a password generator without having to remember it yourself, and you can make it as long and varied as you wish. You must choose the requirements for your password, which are normally specified by the website you are entering into and may include, among other things, a minimum password length. Password generators help you generate passwords that are unique, complicated and challenging to guess, ensuring the highest level of security for your logins – but you still need a password manager to store all the generated passwords because they’re impossible to remember yourself.

Password Managers Available

According to PCMag, Keeper is rated as one of the best password managers in 2022 along with Dashlane, LastPass, 1Password and Zoho Vault. Additionally, Keeper places a high priority on user security, privacy and ease of use. 

Not every password manager is created equally. Finding one that is reliable, has all the features you require and has a solid track record requires careful investigation. Many of them allow users to select a service tier based on their particular requirements. Yes, password managers are safe, valuable and the best choice for password security. However, since nothing is infallible, it’s still crucial to do your research and come to a well-informed conclusion.

Bayan Alkhatib

Bayan Alkhatib works in the marketing department at Keeper Security. She is in her last year of business school, pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing at DePaul University in Downtown Chicago. Bayan is an SEO copywriter and has written blogs in the cybersecurity space. Bayan hopes to educate readers on the importance of staying safe on the internet.