Keeper Announces New Cloud Data Center Presence in Australia

Keeper Announces New Cloud Data Center Presence in Australia

Keeper Security is excited to announce the deployment of its new secure cloud data center presence in Sydney, Australia, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The new data center presence will provide two key benefits to Keeper’s consumer and enterprise customers:

  • Enterprise customers can now choose to securely host their data within their own region, which enables them to meet internal and regulatory compliance requirements, such as the Consumer Data Right (CDR).
  • The new data center will enable Keeper to deliver content as close as possible to customers located in Australia, which means that both consumer and business customers in Australia will enjoy faster application performance and reduced latency.

As always, Keeper protects users against brute force, man-in-the-middle (MITM), and credential-stuffing attacks that seek to compromise user passwords.Keeper’s proprietary zero-trust framework and zero-knowledge security and encryption model encrypts and decrypts all data locally on each user’s device, using Elliptic Curve and AES-256 cryptography. This ensures that customers’ data cannot be viewed by any outside party, not even Keeper’s own employees.

Australian Organizations’ Cybersecurity Budgets Not Keeping Pace with Cyber Threats

Keeper’s new data center presence in Australia also comes at a time when Australian organizations are struggling with insufficient cybersecurity budgets to mitigate rapidly accelerating rates of cyberattacks. A recent study found that in 2020, 52% of organizations in Australia suffered a data breach, a marked increase from 36% in 2019. At the same time, 64% of Australian businesses reported that their leadership teams aren’t dedicating enough budgetary resources to cybersecurity. Human resources are also an issue, with 63% of Australian organizations reporting trouble recruiting skilled cybersecurity professionals.

Since over 80% of successful cyberattacks are due to compromised passwords, Keeper’s password security and encryption platform is a great solution for these budget- and human resources-strapped organizations. Keeper’s platform is powerful but highly affordable. It takes only minutes to deploy, requires minimal ongoing management, and scales to meet the needs of any size organization, from the smallest of small businesses to the largest of large enterprises. IT administrators can easily and quickly provision Keeper vaults to all of their users with a domain match on email addresses. With minimum administration, a large-scale deployment can be accomplished using an existing email channel or portal.

Keeper integrates seamlessly into any data environment — single cloud, multi-cloud, or hybrid — and any security stack. It works with all online services and apps, including legacy LOB apps, and it integrates into any SSO deployment through Keeper SSO Connect™ Cloud, a fully-managed SAML 2.0 SaaS solution that can be seamlessly integrated with any identity provider. This enables organizations to significantly enhance and extend their single sign-on (SSO) deployments with an integrated zero-knowledge password encryption system.

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