Keeper Taps The Karate Kid’s Joe Esposito to Champion the Best Password Manager

Keeper Taps The Karate Kid’s Joe Esposito to Champion the Best Password Manager

The year 2020 has been filled with uncertainty, doubt, and catastrophe. If we can make just one small part of our lives easier, that’s a win.

Passwords are a thorn in everyone’s side, especially now that so much of our lives has moved online. The human mind isn’t set up to remember dozens or even hundreds of passwords. Password managers solve this problem, but a lot of people don’t even realize that they exist. Additionally, many password managers aren’t as easy to use, or as secure, as they should be.

To get out the word about how much easier password managers can make people’s lives, Keeper is releasing its first commercial in several years, produced by the Grizzly creative agency and featuring music from cult icon Joe “Bean” Esposito. That’s right: that Joe Esposito!

Keeper Partners with Joe Esposito to Make Password Security Approachable Accessible

Early on in our partnership, Keeper and the Grizzly creative agency decided to develop a marketing campaign that centered on fun and accessibility. After determining that over half of our campaign’s intended audience wasn’t familiar with any password manager brand, Keeper and Grizzly decided to produce a video spotthat introduced password management to consumers by illustrating how password security shows up in their daily lives and demonstrating how Keeper is an easy and secure way to solve password problems.

Grizzly’s creative process was rooted in Keeper’s product truth: The feeling of never needing to remember a password again is the best, especially for people who don’t even know password managers exist. That truth, paired with Keeper’s accolades as the best password manager of the year (PCMag) and best-rated password manager in the Apple App Store (4.9 stars, 150K+ ratings), resulted in a campaign called “The Best.”

Our new campaign is positive, empowering take on password management that shows consumers’ delight and surprise when they realize how easy, accessible, and secure Keeper’s password manager is. That surprise is amplified when we meet Joe “Bean” Esposito in our new commercial spot, singing his classic “You’re The Best” from the 1984 hit film The Karate Kid.

Joe is great to work with, and all of us at Keeper and Grizzly want everyone to discover who he is, just like they’re discovering password management for the first time. The nostalgia of Joe’s cult classic song is infectious, and in the commercial, the song brings the characters’ delight to life in an emotionally resonant way. Instead of shame and dire warnings, “The Best” portrays password management as a positive experience and highlights that people can easily secure their passwords using Keeper.

Password managers are a simple, yet brilliant tool to make your life easier and your information safer, and Keeper is the best around. We’re really proud of our new commercials, and we think audiences will get a lot of enjoyment out of them.

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