Android Users: We’ve Got Your Back

Android Users: We’ve Got Your Back

As we announced last week, the new Keeper for Android is now available. And according to a new security report from Blue Coat Systems, you really need it.

Long story short: because of the many available third party Android app stores, cyber-criminals are able to more easily distribute malware-infected apps to Android devices. Users unwittingly downloading legitimate-seeming apps from an untrusted site, and end up installing malicious software on their device.

An article published on Android Authority last September claimed that “virtually all new mobile malware is aimed at Android.” And the year between 2011 and 2012 saw a 600 percent increase in Android malware.

So what does this have to do with Keeper? Everything.

A great deal of malware and botnets (the increasingly popular tactic employed by cyber-criminals) are designed to infect devices and steal the passwords stored on them. A device with Keeper installed is protected from this kind of malware via 128 bit AES encryption and a resiliant master password. Plus, our new Keeper for Android is sleeker, faster and optimized for smartphones and tablets, so staying safe is easier and prettier than ever.

Download it from a trusted app store, like Google Play (link) or directly from our website.