Military, First Responders, and Healthcare Workers Get 30% Off Their Keeper Subscriptions

Military, First Responders, and Healthcare Workers Get 30% Off Their Keeper Subscriptions

Keeper is pleased to announce a special 30% discount off our Keeper Unlimited and Family Plans to active duty and retired military, first responders, and healthcare workers, including:

  • Reservists and National Guardsmen
  • Veterans and retirees
  • Military spouses, including surviving spouses, and dependent family members
  • Firefighters, EMTs, law enforcement personnel, and other first responders
  • Nurses, physicians, and other medical providers, including dentists, social workers, mental health professionals, and pharmacists
  • Healthcare para-professionals, including respiratory therapists, physical therapists, imaging technicians, physician’s assistants, and pharmacy technicians
  • All other healthcare support staff, including administrative staff, housekeepers, and food service workers

“Keeper Security is committed to supporting the brave men and women who have served and continue to serve their country, both abroad and at home,” says Mark Cravotta, Chief Revenue Officer, former U.S. Army and Desert Storm veteran. “This discount is the least we can do to say thank you.”

What Your Keeper Unlimited or Family Plan Includes

Keeper Unlimited customers enjoy:

  • Proprietary, zero-knowledge encryption architecture
  • Store an unlimited number of passwords in a secure, encrypted digital web vault that you can access from any device, running any operating system
  • Store an unlimited number of payment cards, too
  • Generate strong, unique passwords for all of your online accounts and autofill your login credentials across all of your websites and apps
  • Store multi-factor authentication (2FA) codes and autofill them across your websites and apps, too
  • Access your vault from an unlimited number of devices
  • Securely share records with other Keeper users
  • Access 24/7 customer support

Keeper Family customers enjoy all the same benefits, only with five secure digital vaults, so that the whole family can easily share passwords, 2FA codes, payment cards, and other sensitive information.

Keeper’s zero-knowledge encryption methods ensure that only you can access and decrypt your stored passwords and files. Nobody else can access your Keeper vault – not even Keeper’s own employees!

How to Claim Your 30% Discount

Just add a Keeper Unlimited or Keeper Family plan to your cart, then go through the verification process during checkout. Keeper uses, a simple and secure identification verification platform, to verify eligibility for military, first responder, and healthcare worker discounts. Just click the button, follow the prompts to complete your verification, and the discount will automatically be applied in your Keeper cart.

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