Keep Your Private Messages Private with KeeperChat

Keep Your Private Messages Private with KeeperChat

We are happy to announce that the world’s most secure messaging app, KeeperChat, is now free to all personal users.

Standard SMS text messages aren’t very secure. Because the messages users send and receive aren’t end-to-end encrypted, they can be accessed and read by their mobile provider. Additionally, mobile providers store message metadata — including the date and time a message was sent or received, and a list of parties to the message — for anywhere from 60 days to seven years.

Additionally, deleted SMS messages aren’t really gone; they’re just moved out of eyeshot. Ironically, this is because of a safety feature baked into most mobile phones. In an effort to protect users from accidentally deleting data, most phones don’t actually wipe “deleted” messages until the phone runs out of storage space, at which point the “deleted” message will finally be overwritten.

For these reasons, businesses and many consumers have been flocking to encrypted messaging apps. However, not all messaging apps are created equal. KeeperChat, Keeper’s secure messaging solution, eliminates the security risks associated with communicating over unencrypted text messages that have nearly infinite lifespans.

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