The BreachWatch® Advantage

The BreachWatch® Advantage

Some websites offer what appears to be a similar service to BreachWatch by Keeper, for free. Credit bureaus also offer what appears to be a similar paid service.

What is the difference between those services and Keepers new tool BreachWatch?

BreachWatch is different and superior to any other solution in the industry. Here’s why:

BreachWatch is a Zero-Knowledge service that is deeply integrated with your private Keeper Vault. BreachWatch constantly scans your Keeper records against public data breaches and alerts you within your vault in real-time so you can take immediate action to protect yourself. No other service available in the market (free or paid) offers the convenience, alert speed, security and protection of BreachWatch.
Hackers use what are called “dictionary attacks” with breached passwords to attempt to break into accounts. BreachWatch is unique in its ability to detect if any password (independent of email, username or website) has been exposed in a public data breach.
BreachWatch is able to instantly determine if a password stored in your vault can be used as a dictionary attack against your online accounts. This comparison is performed using Keeper’s zero-knowledge security architecture. By providing a real-time comparison of stored passwords against known data breaches, BreachWatch can thwart future dictionary attacks against your online accounts. With over a billion unique passwords being tracked from the world’s largest database of stolen credentials, BreachWatch offers the most comprehensive and integrated solution to protect you.
A detailed explanation of our zero-knowledge security architecture built into BreachWatch is available on our blog post and security disclosure page.

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