Keeper Awarded GSA IT Schedule 70 Contract

Keeper Awarded GSA IT Schedule 70 Contract

The number of cyber-attacks aimed at government bodies is increasing rapidly, as well as the sophistication of such attacks. While the sources of the attacks can vary between individuals and state-sponsored entities, the best security measure an organization can incorporate remains constant: enforcing strong password protection policies. Now that Keeper’s password manager has been awarded the IT Schedule 70 contract, government agencies can quickly opt into our service and rapidly secure their infrastructure.

With Keeper, each employee is provided a secure, cloud-based digital vault that stores passwords and other critical information, such as encryption keys and digital certificates. Keeper will generate strong, random passwords and automatically fill them for users. This saves them time, frustration and eliminates the need for them to remember and reuse passwords. The Keeper vault is available to employees from any device and location. Keeper even allows IT admins to gain valuable insight into employee password strength and behavior, such as whether or not they are reusing them across accounts. All of this makes the entire organization more secure, increases employee productivity and drastically cuts helpdesk calls.

“We’ve worked diligently with GSA for the past several months to bring Keeper to IT Schedule 70 because we strongly believe in protecting our government data,” said Michael Chester, Director of Business Development at Keeper Security. “A shorter procurement cycle can mean the difference in being protected versus trying to recover from a breach, something no one should have to deal with, especially when it involves sensitive government accounts.”

Passwords are still the most widely used authentication method within government agencies. Researchers have found that the average adult possesses more than 25 active online accounts and that 42 percent tend to remember their passwords without storing them anywhere¹. Considering more than 80 percent of data breaches are due to weak passwords and poor password management practices, a password manager is a vital tool to protect sensitive government assets.

Detailed information regarding Keeper and IT Schedule 70 can be found by typing “Keeper Security” into the GSA search portal found here or through our contract number 47QTCA18D00C9


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