Keeper Now Protects Your Digital Legacy and Estate with Emergency Access

Keeper Now Protects Your Digital Legacy and Estate with Emergency Access

Have you ever worried that your passwords or the important files stored in your Keeper vault might be lost if you become incapacitated, disabled or pass away?

Quite often when someone passes away, family members cannot find passwords to the deceased individual’s bank accounts, email, social media, etc. The Emergency Access feature within Keeper Password Manager and Secure Digital Vault solves this emerging digital problem and makes it an essential estate planning tool.

Keeper’s new Emergency Access feature will allow up to five trusted family members or friends access to your Keeper Account. Access is granted after a specified wait period which you define. Keeper users can add or remove anyone from their Emergency Access and adjust the waiting period for access to the vault. Designating someone an emergency contact requires they also have a Keeper Password Manager Account in order to receive the secure encryption keys and maintain the highest level of privacy.

It’s never easy or comfortable to prepare for the inevitable, but with all of the important transactions and activity we conduct online, it is critical that we help our customers save time and hassle when carrying out final wishes. Emergency Access can be setup to protect and enable access to your digital assets.

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