Cool New Keeper Updates!

Cool New Keeper Updates!

It’s been a long, hard winter, Keepies. But on the bright side, we’ve had plenty of time to hunker down and come up with more ways to make Keeper even better. And now that spring is (kinda sorta) finally here, it’s time to roll down the windows and roll out some cool new updates.

Cool update #1: New Desktop Versions

Do you use Keeper for Mac? What about Keeper for Windows? Well, either way, you’re in luck. We’ve updated Keeper for both older and newer Mac and Windows platforms. Just click the link below that pertains to you!

Mac Windows
Keeper Desktop for Mac

Mac 10.4+ with offline & online access, cloud and Wi-Fi sync.

Download Now

Keeper for Windows Desktop

Win XP/7/8 with offline & online access, cloud and Wi-Fi sync.

Download Now

Keeper Cloud for Mac

Mac 10.6+ – Fast and lightweight with cloud sync.

Download from Mac Store

Keeper for Windows 8

Win 8/8.1/Touch/Surface with offline & online access and cloud sync.

Download from Windows Store

Cool update #2: New & Improved Browser Extensions

We’ve majorly improved our browser extensions by allowing you to save new login credentials either to a new record OR to an existing one! This is great for websites that use the same account to access a few different domains. The browser extensions also now have full retina image support for Mac laptops and desktop computers for awesome clarity and resolution! As always, we’re just trying to make Keeper the best it can be. Happy spring!