A Message From Our Founders: Thank You!

A Message From Our Founders: Thank You!

Did you get our email?

This weekend, Keeper co-founders Darren Guccione and Craig Lurey sent a message out to all our subscribers. In it, they introduce our awesome new features, Sharing and Browser Extensions, and thank our customers for their support and feedback over the years.

The email also included links to support videos for both features, providing overviews and tutorials for both. Check out the video for Sharing here and the video for browser extensions here.

Darren and Craig signed off with this parting message:

“This summer, we’re rolling out some new products and features which we’re really excited about. Our goal is to make your password management and browser experience as seamless, simple and secure as possible. Thank you for all the support and accolades you have given us – we greatly appreciate it and are grateful to you for being part of the Keeper experience.

“We will keep you posted!

“Thank you,

“Darren Guccione CEO & Co-Founder
Craig Lurey CTO & Co-Founder”

Check your inbox for the full bulletin. And don’t forget to watch this video of Keeper on ABC News!

Once again, from all of us at Keeper: thank you!