Cyber War: The New Battlegrounds

Cyber War: The New Battlegrounds

The Cyber War we’ve all heard about from security professionals, and feared, could be here sooner than we imagined. United States Government officials have long feared China and Russia because these two countries have advanced capabilities that could attack our computer networks. However, security officials have now shifted their focus to Iran.

Iran has recently established a group of hackers, the Iranian Cyber Army, that could attack vital United States infrastructures. They are rumored to have invested $1 billion into this cyber army to expand their capabilities. For the United States, an attack could mean anything from hacked banking systems to our power grids being shut down, all causing long lasting effects.

This month, Iran voiced that it was able to copy sensitive technology from a U.S. drone that crashed into its territory. Iran has also accused the United States and Israel of killing several of its nuclear scientists. So today, lawmakers from two House Homeland Security subcommittees held a hearing about /wp-admin/post-new.php#category-addIran’s cyber threat, as tension remains tight over Tehran’s nuclear program. Tehran claims their nuclear program is for peaceful purposes, but still skepticism remains high. Discussion will continue over this issue next month in Iraq.

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