Why Storing Passwords in Excel or Sticky Notes is a Bad Idea.

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Ultimate Cybersecurity Protection

Zero-knowledge architecture means there is nothing to hack.

Rapid Deployment

No upfront equipment or installation costs. Easy Active Directory and SSO integration.

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Intuitive UI, automated password generation and autofill makes the transition a breeze.

Mitigate Password-Related Support

No more forgotten or lost passwords.

Why Storing Passwords in Excel or Sticky Notes is a Bad Idea.

The Problem

One of the most common, but worst ways of keeping track of passwords is by maintaining them in an Excel Spreadsheet. The result is very poor password security. Sticky notes are even worse.

Why It’s Critical

Most attacks are from the inside. Sticky note issues are obvious. Often privileged users share a spreadsheet by emailing or copying them to a USB drive where they can be intercepted or lost. Copies can easily be made and there is no way to see who can access those copies or prevent employees that leave from taking them. There is no audit trail of when the passwords change or who has access to them, making compliance with any security standard impossible.

How Keeper Solves It

Keeper enables organizations to take control of their passwords. Every employee is provided a secure, cloud-based digital vault that stores passwords and any other critical information such as encryption keys and digital certificates. The vaults are protected by both a master password and two-factor authentication. Access to the vaults can be audited for compliance. Keeper enables role-based access for records. The records can be securely shared and revoked by the admins. The vault of an employee that leaves can be securely transferred to another trusted admin.



Keeper is a Zero-Knowledge Password Management solution. This means all information that is stored in Keeper is only accessible by the end-user. All encryption and decryption is done on-the-fly in the client’s device, and the data is encrypted both in-transit (TLS) and at rest on Keeper’s Infrastructure (AES-256). The plaintext version of the data is never available to Keeper Security employees nor any outside party. Keeper is fanatical about protecting customer data, but in the unlikely event Keeper was hacked, the attackers could only possibly access the worthless ciphertext.

Securely Share your Passwords

Each user has public and private encryption keys used for encrypting the vault, sharing password records and messages between users. Shared information is encrypted with the recipient's public key. Keeper’s record sharing methodology is easy to use, secure and intuitive.

Keeper or SSO or Both?

SSO requires that every application support SAML protocols and requires integration into your IdP. Keeper works with any application or use case that uses a password. Already deployed SSO? Keeper is a perfect complement for the legacy applications and even newer ones that don’t support SAML. Keeper SSO Connect works with popular SSO IdP platforms such as Okta, AWS, OneLogin, Ping Identity, F5 BIG-IP APM, Google Workspace, JumpCloud and Microsoft ADFS / Azure AD to provide businesses the utmost in authentication flexibility.

Migrate Your Passwords Easily

No need to worry about manually adding hundreds of passwords from a spreadsheet to the Keeper application. Keeper's import wizard makes it easy to quickly add your passwords from a spreadsheet, web browser or another password manager. Keeper imports passwords from all web browsers and other password managers with ease.

Keeper Scales With Your Business

Keeper was designed to scale for any sized business. Features such as role-based permissions, team sharing, departmental auditing and delegated administration support your business as it grows. Keeper Commander™ provides robust APIs to integrate into current and future systems.

Protect Your Business with Keeper

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