Password Manager for Teams

Keeper Password Manager is a secure team password manager that helps IT admins reduce cyber threats. Learn why Keeper is the ideal solution for managing passwords and preventing password-related data breaches.

What Is a Team Password Manager?

A team password manager is a solution that aids teams in securely managing, storing and sharing passwords with team members. With a team password manager, employees no longer need to rely on insecure password-sharing methods such as putting passwords in spreadsheets or sharing them through email or messaging platforms such as Slack or Microsoft Teams.

What Is a Team Password Manager?
Who Should Use a Team Password Manager?

Who Should Use a Team Password Manager?

Implementing a strong team password manager makes sense for every business. If your employees are sharing passwords on a spreadsheet, via instant message or on sticky notes tacked to computer screens, you need a better system.

Team sharing isn’t just for creative collaboration – think of the everyday access you may need to give to an admin, manager or outside contractor. Protecting and restricting access keeps everyone at your company – and all your data – safer. It also makes employees more efficient since everyone will have the access they need and there will be no more IT help desk tickets for password resets.

Why You Should Choose Keeper as Your Team Password Manager

Your business thrives on collaboration between team members, contractors, support staff and more. But collaboration is a nightmare for IT professionals who worry about a data breach.

Keeper's team password manager reduces that risk while delivering greater convenience. It gives team members a secure, encrypted vault where they can store data, files, images and videos. Secure folders can be provisioned by admins so team members have access based on their needs or restrictions set by the company. This gives IT admins greater visibility into access, sharing and password strength. Team members can share and store files with the confidence that they're protecting internal data appropriately, even when they are accessing files from home or on the road.

Keeper Is the Best Solution for Managing Team Passwords

Companies need to realise that threats are coming from all directions – and often, an employee who is using an old or weak password can be the cause of a data breach. A password manager for teams helps to alleviate these risks. With Keeper, you’ll have:

Secure password and file sharing

Employees can securely share access to important files, passwords and more without using spreadsheets or sticky notes. With Keeper, IT admins can create shared team folders and set access permissions based on the user’s department or job role. Employees can share passwords and login credentials with colleagues through Keeper’s secure, vault-to-vault sharing.

An encrypted vault for each user

Each user keeps their passwords and files in an encrypted vault that is safely accessible from any device and location. Employees may need to use multiple devices and logging in to accounts is a hassle when they can’t access their passwords easily. A password manager makes it convenient for employees to access accounts from any device they use.

Secure password storage

Keeper’s zero-knowledge security means the only person who has full control over the encryption and decryption of passwords is the user. Users can only access the passwords stored in their vault when they enter their master password or sign in with their Single Sign-On (SSO) solution.

Free family plan for each team member

When you get Keeper Business, each team member also gets a free Keeper Family plan so they can securely manage and store their family’s passwords

Protect Your Team From Password-Related Data Breaches and Cyber Threats.

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