How to Secure Your Data When Working with Freelancers

How to Secure Your Data When Working with Freelancers

For businesses and enterprises, using freelancers and contractors has become incredibly popular. Organizations in every industry have realized the benefits of hiring self-employed freelancers and private contractors from around the globe.

However, one of the most critical challenges to this working relationship is security; specifically, knowing how to properly and securely manage contractor passwords used to access your internal systems.

Security Risks Involved in Hiring Freelancers

When businesses outsource work to freelancers, there are inevitably situations where they have to share access to systems. For example, website maintenance and content marketing will typically require providing access to website CMS, control panel, or social media accounts. However, it is not unusual for freelancers to be lackadaisical with the login information to your systems—saving or sending the information in unsecured formats.

Businesses put a lot of trust in the freelancers they hire and while any security issues likely aren’t malicious, passwords and system security are only as strong as the weakest link. Even well-established companies such as Sony, Target, Canva, and LinkedIn have all had their data breached.

Since external contractors don’t go through security training protocols, it’s important to protect your organization and security with strong password management.

How to Securely Manage Freelancer Passwords Across Multiple Platforms

A business password management tool, like Keeper Security, safely stores login details, conducts automatic logins for saved websites and allows password sharing without revealing the actual password; all with the ability to revoke permissions. Keeper is a much safer alternative to simply sharing your password details via text, unencrypted email, spreadsheet, Slack, or even a phone call.

Keeper manages all your passwords and associated usernames. You retain a master password that gives you access to the password manager itself and unlocks doors to all the logins stored within. With business and enterprise plans, companies can quickly and securely share credentials with contractors and freelancers. All you need is their email address to send them a request and share a specific platform password with them.

Protect Your Passwords with Keeper

Working with a freelancer requires trusting them and providing system access. But trust doesn’t require foregoing all security practices. Your business can give safe, secure access to your systems without compromising your password data.

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