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Password Manager for Firefox

Keeper Password Manager is a simple, streamlined way to protect your passwords and personal information anywhere you run Mozilla Firefox. It’s the industry-leading password manager Firefox users trust to keep their passwords, passkeys and private data safe.

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Is Firefox Password Manager Secure?

Like most browser password managers, Firefox Password Manager is not entirely secure. All browser password managers share similar security flaws. The encryption is easily compromised because browser password managers store the encryption key in a predictable location on your computer. They also stay logged in, even if you close your browser, meaning anyone who has access to your computer will have access to your passwords. Browser password managers, like Firefox, are vulnerable to common malware that targets passwords stored in browsers.

Is Firefox Password Manager Secure?
How To Streamline Your Firefox Password Management

How To Streamline Your Firefox Password Management

Keeping track of strong, complex passwords is a hassle, making it tempting to ignore password hygiene. Some people simply use the same password for all their websites and accounts on Firefox – often something easy to remember. But weak passwords are also easy to discover and steal, which is why long, hard-to-guess passwords are so important. Without a strong system for managing passwords on Firefox, cybercriminals can access your identity, money, personal information and more.

To solve the password dilemma, Keeper Security makes managing Firefox passwords simple. Using 256-bit AES encryption, Keeper for Firefox gives you a secure location for storing all your strong passwords, passkeys and other kinds of login information. Keeper works on any device, including your home computers, laptops, phones and more.

How Does Keeper Password Manager Work on Firefox?

When you use Keeper, you don’t have to remember and manage all your different passwords. Instead, you’ll choose a single strong master password that is used only for Keeper. From there, Keeper does all the work, providing a secure and convenient way to manage Firefox passwords and passkeys. It also secures your credit card numbers, bank accounts and other personal information on all of your devices.

In fact, using custom fields, Keeper can also help you protect and securely access data such as answers to security questions, pin numbers and the account numbers you use while you’re browsing the web with Firefox. You can also securely store files in your Keeper Vault such as wills, financial information and important documents. At the same time, you can easily share individual records or entire folders with family members or other trusted parties using Keeper.

How Does Keeper Password Manager Work on Firefox?

Why Keeper Is the Best Password Manager for Firefox

Is Firefox Password Manager Secure?

Generate and store strong, unique passwords and passkeys

Automatically generate and store unlimited passwords and passkeys making it easy to have unique, strong credentials for every account.

Autofill your credentials and other information

To ensure the most secure and seamless password protection possible, we recommend you disable the Firefox built-in password-saving features and use KeeperFill® to save and autofill your passwords across all of your browsers and devices. KeeperFill is a convenient tool that automatically generates strong passwords, then autofills them into the websites you access via Firefox. You can also use it to securely autofill address and credit card information.

Ultimate encryption with zero knowledge

Keeper is a zero-knowledge platform, which means your Firefox passwords and private information are stored in your personal encrypted digital vault. You are the only person who can access the vault, and everything stored in your vault is encrypted and decrypted locally on your device.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Keeper offers multiple Multi-Factor Authentication options – including Time-Based One Time Passwords and hardware security keys.

Store credit card numbers and other confidential records

Keep key personal data safe and secure, including financial records, credit cards and other digital information.

Sync across devices and platforms

Sync instantly across all your devices including smartphones, tablets and computers. With extensions available for every browser, you will never be without your passwords and passkeys.

Simplify Your Password Management With Keeper

Firefox users everywhere protect their data, passwords and more with Keeper. Try Keeper Password Manager for Firefox today.

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