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Protect user passwords and private info from cybercriminals with Keeper.

Protect your users from data breaches and cyberattacks
Keeper® Password Manager makes it easy to provision business users at scale

Keeper® is the multi-user password manager for businesses of any size
Infosec administrators choose our password manager for security and ease of use

Without a password manager, your business is at risk for a cyberattack
Learn why Keeper is the market-leading platform for preventing password-related data breaches and cyberthreats

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A multi-user password manager made simple

With some password management platforms, managing records for multiple users is a complicated process. We think infosec administrators deserve a straightforward interface that’s easy to use.

  • Seamless onboardingOur admin console makes it easy to onboard multiple users. Add users manually or conduct a bulk import for fast provisioning. Customize the automated onboarding communications from Keeper to fit your needs. Learn more about provisioning methods we support.
  • The right structure for your business When getting started with a password manager, consider how many users you’ll need to accommodate and determine how each employee will use the platform. Keeper’s password manager for business gives you the flexibility to structure a hierarchy that suits your business needs. As your company grows and needs change, Keeper adapts so that your employees are always protected.

Keeper’s features were designed with multiple users in mind

With Keeper, you can provide each employee with a secure, encrypted vault. In addition to managing passwords, individual team members can store files, images and videos in secure folders.

Establish team access so that groups of individuals can share folders within their Keeper Vault – you set the team members, restrictions and visibility to ensure optimal security. Keeper also lets you set team-level restrictions such as:

  • Password visibility
  • Restricting re-shares of information in a team folder
  • Hiding certain folders from individual team members

Flexibility for employees – easier management for admins

When making a decision on the right multi-user password manager, make sure you’re getting all the features you need to ensure cybersecurity at your firm while making it as easy as possible for employees to gain access to the files, apps, and shared projects that keep your company running.

Schedule a demo of Keeper now, or start a free trial and check out Keeper for yourself. We’re confident you’ll find Keeper to be the clear choice for a password manager for multiple users at your company.

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