Radically Save Time with KeeperFill® – Made Possible with Patented KeeperAI

Our patented KeeperFill technology uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to instantly log you into websites and apps.

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Autofill Makes Life Easier

Autofill is a feature that automatically and securely enters your username, password or other information – such as your credit card and billing address – into login fields and online forms.

Autofill makes accessing your accounts via browsers or apps quick and easy since it enables you to log in instantly.

Autofill Makes Life Easier
KeeperFill Uses Powerful AI

KeeperFill Uses Powerful AI

KeeperAI powers KeeperFill with a form of AI called heuristics which recognizes the type and structure of a webpage or app screen. KeeperAI then emulates the data entry actions of a human to complete the form with transformative accuracy, speed and online security.

KeeperFill Protects You Against Cyber Attacks

KeeperFill only works with sites and apps you have in your Keeper vault which protects you from entering login credentials and personal information on malicious websites.

KeeperFill Protects You Against Cyber Attacks

KeeperFill Makes Every Browser Better

Seguridad mejorada

When you store information on a web browser, the information is not encrypted. If a cybercriminal were to gain access to your browser, they would be able to see all of the information stored in plaintext – placing all of your data at risk of being compromised.

La información almacenada en Keeper se cifra completamente y solo está disponible cuando se accede a una página web. Nadie más que usted podrá acceder a sus contraseñas o al resto de información almacenada porque solo usted tiene la opción de descifrar sus datos.

Comodidad en varias plataformas

Your browser’s autofill feature only works when using that particular browser. For example, if you use Chrome on your desktop and Safari on your mobile device, the login credentials you have saved in one browser are not accessible in another browser.

KeeperFill works on all browsers and platforms as well as your mobile apps – meaning you’ll be able to access your passwords from anywhere and on any device.

Rellene más que nombres de usuario y contraseñas

In addition to filling in your login information, KeeperFill inputs 2FA codes, payment cards, addresses and other stored information.

Actualice contraseñas fácilmente

KeeperFill makes it easy to change passwords for any website and assists you throughout the process.

Temporizador de cierre de sesión

Uno de los muchos riesgos de los gestores de contraseñas de los navegadores es que permanecen conectados, lo que puede poner las contraseñas en riesgo de verse fácilmente comprometidas.

With KeeperFill, you can enable a log-out timer that automatically signs you out after a period of inactivity. This protects you when you step away from your device.

Otras funciones avanzadas

La extensión de Keeper para navegadores le permite generar contraseñas fuertes y únicas para después guardarlas al instante en su almacén de Keeper.

Improve your speed, accuracy and security online.

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