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Protect your organisation against cyberthreats with zero-trust Enterprise Password Management (EPM).

Most Promising Enterprise Security Solution Provider 2021 Award. G2 Leader Enterprise Spring 2023 Award.Global Infosec Award Winner Cyber Defense Magazine 2022

Keeper protects your passwords and secrets with ultimate security, visibility and control

From the data center to the front office, Keeper delivers the ultimate in enterprise security and cyberthreat prevention. Protect access to applications, systems, secrets and IT resources with a zero-trust and zero-knowledge architecture. Simplify and strengthen auditing and compliance while achieving organisation-wide visibility, control, event logging and reporting.

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81% of breaches are due to a failure to secure passwords, credentials, and secrets.
Prevent breaches, reduce helpdesk costs and ensure compliance

Prevent breaches, reduce helpdesk costs and ensure compliance

Keeper is your first line of defense against identity breaches. For organisations that look for unparalleled cybersecurity, Keeper’s unique security architecture protects data and systems with a solution that is quick to deploy and easy to use. Keeper gives you visibility, control and compliance so you can be confident in your organisation’s security.

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A unified, zero-trust cybersecurity platform protects every organisation - large and small.

Provides comprehensive visibility, security, reporting and control.

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A diagram showing how Keeper's solutions integrate with various identity and access management platforms.


Keeper users on any client device including desktop, mobile, browser and command line.

Identity Provider

An IdP is a service that stores and manages user identities.


Allows SSO to be extended across security domains, making web-browser SSO possible.

SecOps, DevOps & IT

Privileged users with access to the highly sensitive accounts, logins and secrets.

Keeper Admin Console

Use this platform to configure and enforce business policy for end users.

Keeper Connection Manager (KCM)

Enables zero-trust network access to your infrastructure without a VPN.

Keeper Secrets Manager (KSM)

Secures infrastructure secrets such as API keys, database passwords, access keys, certificates and any type of confidential data.

Keeper Enterprise Password Manager (EPM)

Protects your passwords and personal information from cybercriminals.

Client Devices, Machines and Browsers

End user devices that access secure password vaults.

Windows, Linux, MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL

Various endpoints that privileged users frequently access.

Jenkins, GitHub, Terraform, PowerShell

DevOps and developer tools that automate the application building and development process.

Password-Based Apps

Websites, applications and systems that require logins.

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Securely Architected and Elegantly Engineered

Safeguard Against Ransomware Attacks

Mitigates risks of breaches by providing real-time protection and access to applications, systems, secrets and IT resources.

Save Money and Time with Quick Set-Up

Easy, fast and affordable to integrate and deploy for organisations, departments and agencies of any size.

Securely Architected and Elegantly Engineered

Powerful Security Insights

Provides analytics into credential security and hygiene across all endpoints and systems with native SIEM integration.

Robust Compliance and Reporting

Simplifies and strengthens auditing and compliance including support for RBAC, 2FA, FIPS 140-2 encryption, HIPAA, FINRA, SOC, ITAR and more.

Fast Integration and a Secure Passwordless Experience for Your Users

Keeper can be deployed quickly at enterprise scale with automated and assisted user provisioning. Our team provides user training, onboarding and world-class support. Keeper works out-of-the-box with identity, MFA, IGA, HSM and SIEM solutions including Okta, Azure AD, Ping Identity, Google Workspace, YubiKey and many others. Patented integration with Single Sign-On (SAML 2.0) solutions and SCIM provisioning gives users a passwordless login experience while preserving zero-knowledge security.

Security done right

Our zero-trust and zero-knowledge security architecture is unmatched in safeguarding information and mitigating the risk of a data breach. Keeper combines device-level, elliptic curve cryptography with multiple layers of encryption (at the vault, folder and record level), multi-factor and biometric authentication and FIPS-140-2 validated AES 256-bit encryption plus PBKDF2 to protect your organisation and its employees.

Keeper's Security Model Encryption Details

Keeper Enterprise Brief Demo

Watch 30 Minute Demo

Watch 30 Minute Demo

Advanced Capabilities for Added Protection

Secrets Management

Remove hard-coded credentials from your source code, automate management of credentials, API keys, database passwords and other secrets - integrates with your CI/CD pipelines and DevOps environment. Learn More

Dark Web Monitoring

Continuously scan for and receive alerts on compromised passwords to take immediate action against account takeover attacks with BreachWatch®. Learn More

Secure File Storage

Tap into Keeper’s zero-knowledge encryption to put secure file storage, retrieval and decryption privileges only in the hands of approved users. Learn More

Robust Compliance and Reporting

Supports audits for Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) and other regulations that require access-control monitoring and event auditing. Learn More

Encrypted Messaging

Secure messaging across employee devices with KeeperChat® the world’s most secure messaging solution, to protect communications with end-to-end encryption. Learn More

Managed End-User Deployment

Count on responsive customer support, detailed deployment and training from our dedicated support specialists. Learn More

Invest in the right solution, one you won't outgrow

As your organisation’s cybersecurity needs increase in scale and complexity, Keeper will be there for you. From biometrics and passwordless access to machine-to-machine authentication, we will keep you ahead of bad actors and scale with your team and infrastructure, while making it easy to provision and manage a large number of users.

Advanced automation and integration

Advanced automation and integration

Keeper Secrets Manager integrates with CI/CD systems like Jenkins, GitHub Actions and more. Keeper Commander is a command-line and SDK application which can be used to access and control your vault, perform administrative functions, launch remote sessions, rotate passwords and more. The software platform also includes a PowerShell CLI and an SDK for .Net.

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Keeper protects every organisation and person in the public and private sector

Protection designed for the public sector

Secure access to systems, data, secrets and assets with the only EPM solution listed on the FedRAMP marketplace.

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We love working with MSPs and channel partners

Expand your revenue opportunities with industry-leading security.

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Protection for you and your family

Secure your passwords, finances, identity documents and other sensitive data.

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Protect your credentials and secrets now

Keeper is competitively priced and can be deployed in a few hours.

Keeper Secrets Manager's user interface showing devices connected to different applications.

Introducing Keeper Secrets Manager

Keeper Secrets Manager is a fully managed, cloud-based, zero-knowledge platform for securing infrastructure secrets such as API keys, database passwords, access keys, digital certificates and any type of confidential data.

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“Keeper was the first password manager I could find that supported the U2F hardware keys that we use and this was a non-negotiable requirement at the time and still is. The support is really excellent and above expectations - On all my questions and concerns, I have received a reply within an hour and I am situated in Southern Africa.”

Cyril E.
Senior Software Developer at VOSS

G2 Users Love Us

“I like the folders - I can have a title and keep several records relating to the same thing in one place. I love this app, I honestly couldn't do without it in an age where passwords and logins are everything.”

Elizabeth W.
Chassis Quality Manager at Jaguar Land Rover

G2 Users Love Us

“Best password manager and data vault available. I've been a user for 10 years and can't imagine not having Keeper.”

J.C. R.
Video Network Engineer with SAIC @ NIH

G2 Users Love Us

“I am the Data and Systems Manager for my firm. I am also a mother, a wife, and the daughter of aging parents. Through the course of a week I touch a LOT of systems, and Keeper remembers every single one of my credentials. I love the way I can structure the accounts into folders. House - Parents - Work - Kid1 - Kid2. It really makes it easy to keep things organised.”

Dina S.
Data and Systems Manager at Vantage Partners

G2 Users Love Us
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