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ケーススタディ Ad Agency Never Forgets Passwords with Keeper Password Manager

Spanish Brand and Design Firm Protects Every Employee

Secure password and file storage
Efficient vault-to-vault sharing for shared accounts
GDPR compliance with logs for access permissions
Training, UI and support simplify user experience

About the Ad Agency

The agency is a fully-integrated brand consultancy that leverages data, design, technology and creativity to bring iconic brands to life. The firm helps storied brands connect with customers through transformative digital experiences, including services like brand research and strategy, digital experience, marketing technology, social media, creative design and media performance. The firm is based in Spain and has offices in Europe and North America.


Like employees at many companies before they start using a password manager, the agency turned to the most intuitive places to store passwords, using spreadsheets, word documents and notebooks to keep track of their login credentials. Although some individual employees were using password managers to protect their accounts and logins, both personally and professionally, the company had not deployed one business-wide.

Unsecure and disparate tools for password management created both security and productivity challenges for the organization. Not only were unencrypted locations like browser's built-in password managers or word documents leaving accounts vulnerable to breaches, but colleagues could not collaborate on shared accounts unless they used unsafe means — like email, text or instant messaging — to share login credentials.

With the passage of GDPR, the European Union’s regulation on data protection and privacy, the firm knew it needed to strengthen its protection of both its employee and customer data. Organizations can face steep fines for data breaches and the damages incurred.

The agency's IT Manager embarked on a search for a password manager that would be used daily by its employees, keep their passwords safe, enable collaboration on shared accounts and ensure compliance with GDPR.

Protecting passwords and login credentials are of the utmost importance — both to us as an organization and to our clients. A standard way to control and strengthen security was essential.

–IT Manager, Ad Agency

Keeper のソリューション

As part of their decision process, the agency evaluated various password managers on the market. One of their main criteria was that the eventual solution would need to provide end-users with a simple and usable tool for storing their passwords.

The solution would have to be compatible with different web browsers in use by the team and have the ability to integrate with single sign-on (SSO) apps for streamlined access in their corporate network. When the buying committee compared a different password manager, noting that one option had been breached just that week and Keeper has never been hacked, the decision was clear.

Since deploying Keeper Password Manager, the firm has extended the solution to all users in their organization. Implementation took place in less than a week and the ability to import passwords directly into Keeper from spreadsheets and other password managers made the transition seamless. An intuitive user experience, self-guided web tutorials and training with the Keeper team have made using the tool easy.

The IT Manager noted the benefits of scale in cybersecurity — protecting every user on every app and device — as cyberthreats target entire organizations and “all users ultimately handle passwords.” Keeper is available where users already do their work — on all major browsers, devices and applications.

In addition, on-demand visibility into access permissions to the organization’s credentials and secrets, a requirement for GDPR compliance, is also protecting the privacy of their customer and employee data. With Keeper, the IT Manager and the agency have more confidence that their login credentials and critical data are secure, and that they play a critical role in keeping it that way.

We now know that users are using a secure application for passwords, that they are not stored in unsecured open files, and that users are saving time on logins and password management.

–IT Manager, Ad Agency



Keeper は、ゼロ知識、ゼロトラストのパスワード管理ソリューションです。つまり、Keeper に保管されているすべての情報は、エンドユーザーによってのみアクセス可能であることを意味します。すべての暗号化と復号はクライアントのデバイス上で行われ、データは転送中(TLS)も Keeper のインフラ(AES-256)上で停止中も暗号化されています。

データの平文バージョンは、Keeper Security の従業員でも、外部のいかなる人物であっても決して利用することはできません。Keeper は顧客データの保護に力を入れていますが、万が一 Keeper がハッキングされた場合であっても、攻撃者がアクセスできる可能性があるのは価値のない暗号文のみとなります。


ほとんどの企業では、従業員のパスワード習慣を把握することができず、サイバー脅威を大幅に増加させています。パスワードの使用とコンプライアンスに関する重要な情報がなければ、パスワード衛生を改善することはできません。Keeper は、包括的なパスワードのレポート、監査、分析、および通知を提供することによって、これを解決します。




Keeper はビジネスの規模に関係なく、直感的で簡単に導入することができます。Keeper は Active Directory および LDAP サーバーと統合し、プロビジョニングとオンボーディングを合理化します。既存の SSO ソリューションに統合するには、Keeper SSO Connect® をご利用ください。

Keeper はビジネスに合わせて拡張することができます

Keeper はどんな規模のビジネスにも対応できるように設計されています。ロールベースの許可、チーム共有、部門別監査、委任管理などの機能が、その成長に合わせてビジネスをサポートします。Keeper Commander™ は、現在および将来のシステムに統合するための堅牢な API を提供します。

Keeper でビジネスを保護

Keeper がアイデンティティとアクセス管理(IAM)のための使いやすいプラットフォームでビジネスを保護する方法の詳細については、当社の営業チームにご連絡いただき、無料トライアルまたはデモをご覧ください。

Keeper でビジネスを保護しましょう。

アイデンティティとアクセス管理向けの使いやすいプラットフォームで、Keeper がどのようにビジネスを保護することができるかについて、詳しくは弊社の営業チームにご連絡いただき、無料トライアルまたはデモをご利用ください。

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