Forgot your password?

Stop forgetting your passwords with Keeper.

Every person and organisation forgets their passwords. Keeper solves that problem – forever.

What is Keeper Security?

Keeper Security is an easy-to-use password management platform that enables individuals and businesses to securely create, store and access strong passwords on any device. Keeper also helps businesses with cybersecurity solutions including secrets management and remote access to infrastructure.

How Keeper Can Help You Remember Passwords

Keeper stores your passwords in a secure, cloud-based digital vault protected by the highest level of security in the industry. You can access your passwords from anywhere, using any device and only need to remember your master password to access your vault. No one but you, not even Keeper, has access to your master password or the contents inside your vault.

Keeper Password Manager keeps your banking, social media and email accounts safe, while preventing online fraud.

Some benefits of using Keeper as your password manager include:

  • Only remember one master password to access all of your passwords
  • Generate strong, unique passwords for each account
  • Share passwords and sensitive information securely
  • Autofill passwords on login screens
  • Easily change your password anytime
  • Access all of your accounts from anywhere
  • Store more than just passwords including answers to security questions, credit card numbers, private files, medical information, MFA codes and more.

Keeper secures businesses of all sizes. Find out how Keeper can protect your small-to-medium business or your entire enterprise.

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