Lock down and record web access with Keeper's Remote Browser Isolation.

Secure and protect cloud-based and internal web applications with Keeper Connection Manager.

Lock down and record web access with Keeper's Remote Browser Isolation.

Overcome common remote access challenges

Keeper Connection Manager delivers a groundbreaking solution for ensuring secure, efficient and VPN-less access with the Remote Browser Isolation add-on. Securely isolate web browsing activities from end-user devices – mitigating cybersecurity threats by hosting browsing sessions in a controlled remote environment.

Secure access without a VPN

Enable employees to securely access websites and tools without a VPN for secure, external access to non-hardened sites.

Recorded web sessions

Ensure compliance and auditing requirements are met with fully recorded website interactions – without granting full operating system access.

Controlled web browsing

Provide access to a pre-approved list of URLs within a secure browser environment, enhancing security and productivity.

Password autofill

Automatically fill login and password details into isolated browser sessions without ever transmitting credentials to the user's device.

How Remote Browser Isolation relieves VPN headaches

  • Zero knowledge security: The customer is in full control of all network communications between the user's device and the target websites and applications
  • Easy to deploy: By simply publishing a Keeper Connection Manager container to any target environment, access to web-based resources can be restricted, monitored and controlled
  • Secure and simplified web browsing: Access internal and external sites securely, without data exposure risks if a device is compromised
  • Autofill credentials: Keeper's remote browser isolation protocol can automatically inject credentials, submit forms and control the target web application without ever sending the credentials to the user's device
  • Enhanced compatibility and security: Keeper Remote Browser Isolation is visually projecting a virtualised instance of the latest version of the Chromium browser from the Keeper Connection Manager container through the user's device, without transmitting any confidential or sensitive data
  • Session recording: Just like other Keeper Connection Manager protocols, browser isolation sessions can be shared, recorded and monitored for compliance and auditing
How Remote Browser Isolation relieves VPN headaches
Innovative features for advanced security

Innovative features for advanced security

  • Zero Knowledge: All browsing activity flows through the customer's Keeper Connection Manager container - not through Keeper's servers
  • Admin control: Specify allowed websites with precision based on domain, subdomain, path and wildcards for tailored access control
  • Action restrictions: Customise browsing sessions by enabling or disabling actions like file uploads/downloads, clipboard use and more

Why switch to Keeper Connection Manager?

Keeper Connection Manager isn’t just an alternative to traditional VPN access; it's a comprehensive upgrade. Keeper Connection Manager addresses the critical pain points of remote access security – from eliminating unnecessary broad network access to providing a secure, auditable and user-friendly web access solution. With Keeper, your organisation:

  • Protects against web-based threats while ensuring secure access to internal tools and applications
  • Reduces the complexity and maintenance overhead associated with VPNs and traditional remote access solutions
  • Meets strict compliance standards with detailed access logs and session recordings

Embrace the future of secure remote access with Keeper Connection Manager.

Why switch to Keeper Connection Manager?

How do organisations use Remote Browser Isolation?


User activity on protected websites can be recorded for review and compliance or security purposes, ensuring proper interactions and reducing insider threats and fraud.

Ultimate privacy

Autofilled credentials are never seen or available to the end-user, providing the best protection against DOM inspection, reflected cross-site scripting attacks and API abuse.

Access control

Access to protected websites can easily be limited by role-based access controls, even if the target website does not natively support it.


Share an active view of a web page with others for cooperative work or training.


Reproducing bugs in websites and applications can be difficult. By accessing environments through Keeper Connection Manager, testing and quality assurance teams can ensure the steps to reproduce an issue are always recorded.

Security Teams

Test suspicious links without the need to launch a virtual machine.

Keeper Connection Manager deploys in minutes

Fully agentless with no plugins and no concurrency limits.

1. Setup

1. Setup

Set up Keeper Connection Manager on your network, either on-premises or in the cloud.

2. Connect

2. Connect

Easily connect to a machine or remote browser from anywhere using your web browser.

3. Integrate

3. Integrate

Designed to be integrated with many third-party systems and protocols.

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