2022 US Cybersecurity Census Report

Understand the transforming landscape of cybersecurity in the United States – including the growing threats organizations face and the strategies used to overcome them.

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Основные выводы

Кибератаки и последствия

Кибератаки серьезно сказываются на бизнесе всех размеров и во всех секторах, и нет никаких признаков их снижения.

Вывод: The average cost of a cyberattack was over $75,000.

Инвестиции и инструменты в сфере кибербезопасности

Despite awareness of growing threats, organizations are falling short in cybersecurity investments and tools, leaving them exposed.

Вывод: 30% of respondents leave it entirely to employees to set their own passwords.

Лидерство в сфере кибербезопасности

The majority of the C-suite recognizes how essential cybersecurity is for their business, but struggle to source the skilled workforce needed.

Вывод: 39% of respondents see rising external threats as one of their top 3 concerns.

Кибербезопасность в корпоративной культуре

ИТ-лидеры должны культивировать культуру прозрачности и понимания ключевых концепций кибербезопасности.

Вывод: Almost half (48%) of respondents have been aware of a cyberattack and not reported it.

"This research demonstrates that cyberattacks present a profound threat. Preventative measures, in the form of investment, education, and cultural shifts, will be essential for businesses to drive resilience and protect their organizations from cybercriminals."

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